Friday, 1 February 2013

Drooling again!!

I knew it was dangerous having that picture on the sidebar looking at me all appealing like!!
Of course last nights tea just had to incorporate a pack of this lovely deliciousness.  That it costs just 25p a bag and that it makes us a large portion each plus enough to make a couple of Risotto Cakes for the next day makes it possibly one of the most frugal meals going.  I'm a fan.....did you guess. 
Maybe I'll have to relent and put in an Approved Foods order before it all sells out.......gosh life is tough!!
I'm off to Preston and Manchester today to spend sometime with my lovely son, Mum and brother (hopefully, he's very busy at work at the moment).  There will be much chatter, some laughter and possibly the odd meal or two, see I told you my life was tough!
So I'll leave you with the image, in your imagination only unfortunately :-) of me drooling over risotto.
Back soon, have a wonderful weekend.

Edited in - sorry folks it's all sold out - it wasn't me honest!! 
I fought all temptation, but when it next appears on the shelves I may have to be a bit quicker :-)
Sue xx


  1. Have a good weekend as well. :)

  2. And there was I ..finger on the link to Approved Foods .. only to have my anticipation dashed!
    Have a good time in Preston .. I went to Agricultural College there .. and lost my little Mini when I parked in the multi storey car park .. we (a gang of giggly girls) to be saved by the car park attendant.. happy days x


  3. Have a great weekend Sue!


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