Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Back in Action

I got up bright and early yesterday all keen to Blog, to be online, to check this, to read that and found to my dismay, nay to my horror that those dreaded words were on the computer 'No Internet Access'....what!!
As it was our first 'Fast Day', (we are both starting the 5:2 way of eating), I wanted to be busy, to have my mind kept off food, so the dogs were walked for longer than usual, the chickens cleaned out more thoroughly then usual and then fed, (normal rations much to their disgust), and then I came in to have a cup of coffee (I drink it black so can have as many as I like....phew), whilst sat sitting with my coffee I put the tele on, see I was already missing my lit up rectangular screen, and what should be on but the daily omnibus edition of 'Come Dine with Me'....mmmm lovely a whole hour of watching food preparation and eating, I watched it all  sipping on yet another cup of coffee to keep those hunger pangs away, I was determined to have my breakfast as late as possible.  This programme is my new secret obsession, more for the food than the flippant remarks, but I love it.
Then I threw myself headlong into cleaning, the whole house was hoovered, not just the rugs, the whole house.  All floors, skirting boards, nooks crannies, walls corners, curtains, furniture ...... I even pulled the fridges out!!  Then everything was mopped, at this point the dogs were slinking around thinking their worst nightmare was happening .... and happening NOW.   First Mum with the hoover and then with the mop, why they hate the mop I have no idea, if someone from the RSPCA came round you would think I was a secret 'hit the dog with mop'per'.  They took to their beds, then when I arrived to clean their beds they took to the sofa, when I arrived to wipe down the sofa they gave up the will to live and went and sat by the back door, driven from their own homes by this whirling dervish that used to be their Mum.
I gave in and took them for another walk, this went down very well and doggy smiles returned.  When we came in they got a chew each and I got my longed for bowl of Oatbran Porridge, with another cup of coffee and another sit down in front of a 'Sky+'d edition of 'Come Dine with Me', I know how to torment myself  properly I do!  :-) 
I spent the afternoon finally sorting through the spare room and actually pricing things up as I put them into boxes ready for our first car boot sale of the season in a couple of months.  Lots more things to add to my page at the top of the Blog later, it made me happy and stopped me thinking about food.
Last night we finished our first 'fast day' with a lovely meal, one of our favourites although made with less oil than usual, Mediterranean Veggies with Salmon fillets.  I would have taken a picture but there wasn't time!!
Instead you can have a picture of these, veggies that Lovely Hubby found still in the soil when he turned two of the beds over for me last weekend.  Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth these were added to a big pan full of Beef Stew that has so far fed LH twice, with another portion nestled in the freezer for a rainy 'non-fast' day.  It all helps the £2 housekeeping  money last that little bit longer.
Today we both woke up feeling great, I mean really great, we had a brilliant nights sleep and feel so refreshed.   Today is a day of eating normally and then we do it all again tomorrow as we have decided that mostly we will do this on Tuesdays and Thursdays to leave the weekends free for the odd bit of chocolate, a sneaky bag of crisps and a bottle or two of home brew especially while the rugby is on.
It really is the kind of 'diet' that would suit most people as for five days out of every seven you are just eating whatever you want to eat, although if you are doing it for the weight loss side of things it is wise to be slightly cautious and not live on double cheeseburgers :-)
Today I'm taking it slightly easier and YES, as you can see the internet is back.  As soon as he got home from work LH nipped up into the loft and played with a few wires, unplugged and replugged the thingymajig in (technical term for a watcha macall it), and it all sprang back to life.   Next time he said this is what you do, explaining what to pull out and put in and then climbing down the ladder......yes that will be right, me climbing up the rickety ladder into a loft space full of spiders and cobwebs, or maybe I'll just wait for my hunky hero to come home from work and do it for me and in the meantime get on with some dog terrorising cleaning again.
It's surprising how much you can fit into the day when you are off line!!
Sue xx


  1. It's so true. I had no functioning computer at home for about a year and a half and have had one again since christmas. I think this is part of the reason that I've read so little so far this year. On the other hand, I do find it great to be able to get up and do something for five minutes before sitting back down to the computer again. And that's something I wasn't able to do when my computer time was in the internet cafe - I'd go there and sometimes not come home for hours, which didn't do much for the housework either.

    I must look up some more about the 5:2 plan - is that two days of fasting and five of eating normally then?

  2. Second day of fasting for me. Monday was easier than today. I'm also heavily into coffee, with just a splash of milk. It will be interesting to get the verdict of the scales at the end of the week..

  3. I'm another on this 5:2 way of eating (I refuse to call it dieting!) I started last Monday and finding it surprisingly easy and I'm not hungry either. Also, on the other 5 days I find myself wanting more simple foods instead of 'stodge'. I just realised that I haven't eaten bread for more than a week, nor potatoes, nor anything remotely sugary & sweet (and I have a very sweet tooth . . . ) I crept on the scales this morning . . . . and I'm 3lbs down!!!! Yay!

  4. Our internet was down yesterday..Chris called the provider who told him that as soon as the weather improves the internet will be back. Chris told the provider that he needed internet before May...internet provider had no sense of humour.
    Jane x

  5. sounds good to me also,what a spotless house and loosing weight!

  6. What did we actually do before google, blogging, Wikipedia , the walking dead fan site and email.......?
    Ok........well scrub the walking dead fan site....that's just me!
    How did we cope eh?

  7. Even worse is when the power goes out! Well, the dogs got their exercise, the meals were light on calories and the house got a good cleaning (which burned even more calories!). You got three workouts which consisted of two dog walks and the cleaning. A very healthy day with no internet.

  8. Not sure I fancy fast days as doing a manual job I use a lot of energy. Also I'm a bit of a pig when it comes to food!

  9. Well done for keeping so busy and sticking toyour diet especially with no internet to keep you occupied!
    I had to smile at the thought of you terrorising your sweet dogs (inthe nicest possible way :) ).

    Have a lovely day Sue.


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