Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Last Scone

Remember HERE way back in October last year when I used these pictures and posted about my marathon Scone making session......
...filling tray after tray with freshly prepared scones, before popping them into the freezer.
Using a full bag of this in the process.
Well Lovely Hubby has just finished the last one.  It was one of the Cheese and Paprika variety and I can honestly say that it was as fresh tasting and as lovely as the ones eaten freshly made on the day.  After my latest Approved Foods delivery which included a bag of Wholemeal Scone Mix I have decided to have another batch preparation day tomorrow with the bag of Scone Mix that I currently have in the cupboard, then I can put my new one away :-)
You can NEVER have too many scones.
*** *** ***
What are your plans for Monday?
Sue xx


  1. Mmm, I love scones, especially warm from the oven! I'm at work tomorrow :( so nothing other than that.

  2. We love scones here too would be interested in trying the cheesy parika variety as I have loads of paprika

    Tomorrow we are having a day out together in Lincoln, it is hubby's birthday today but he was working last 4 nights so not much of a day as he was asleep so a treat of a meal out and a wander around the castle and cathedral is on the cards

  3. I'm the only scone fan in the house (I know, I live with a strange bunch) so I don't tend to make scones, but you've given me the idea to make & freeze a batch as a treat to myself. Thank you!

    As for following, you're welcome! Thank you for dropping by to visit my blog and for your kind words. As you could probably tell, I'm a newbie at all this blogging lark and it never occurred to me to add a Followers button. That has been remedied now though!

    As for our Monday plans, that all depends on the weather and my annoying flu bug. The tots and I have been indoors all weekend and I've high hopes of getting outdoors, ideally going for a country walk. Here's hoping!

  4. Its just the Doctors and the dreaded Dentist tomorrow, I would rather be at home baking scones!
    We need to get new slippers too, so a trip to the outlet shop is on the cards for sometime this week.

    Karen x

  5. What a great idea, never thought of preparing and freezing so many! Trying to eat our way through the contents of the freezer at the moment (to make more room and save money!).
    Plans for today are to help friends move to their new country home 3 hours away. Already looking forward to getting home as I know we will be VERY tired by then :) but it's great to be able to help them.
    Judy xx

  6. Ooo!! Yum yum, can I come to tea, will bring jam!!! Kind regards Heather

  7. And I'll bring some Devonshire clotted cream.....

  8. Monday I will be over with a nice breakfast tea and homemade marmalade. ;)

  9. Scones--yum. Monday is helping No.1 son start to pack for moving into his first flat.

  10. We thoroughlly enjoyed scones jam & clotted cream on my birthday !

    Today I have a date with my new friend... Henry the hoover !

  11. oh Sue, The Day of the Last Scone is indeed a sad time- until you've made the new batch that is!
    I made a scone and jam cream tea for our wedding reception, I quite agree that you can NEVER have too many scones!
    ps have you tried savoury scone dough as a pizza base- delish!


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