Monday, 25 February 2013

The Year of Less - Craft Supplies

I went in the Spare Room to get stuck in to more of the clearing of the clutter, it almost feels like a proper part time job now, and in a way I guess it is because I am intending to make some money from all this clutter.  After sorting and hanging a few clothes and pricing them up ready for the car boot sale, I pulled this box out from under the bed.  When I pulled it out it was full to the top of all sorts of card making supplies, lots of 'bitty bits' that I had picked up here and there that I thought would come in useful for making cards.  I used to sell these quite successfully at the Craft Fairs and Farmers Market alongside my lavender products and free range eggs, but now I find myself with neither the time nor the inclination.
This year I want to really devote lots of time to growing our own and being as self sufficient as we possibly can be, and selling at craft fairs etc, in this area at least, the profits you can make has really decreased over the last year or so, so I would rather have one last sale of all my craft supplies and the cards that I have already made.
With this in mind I set to and jettisoned all the 'bitty bits' and made saleable packs out of everything else.  Adding up the total I would get if folk pay me the prices I am asking, I worked out that I stand to make in the region of £50.
As this took me about two hours it would appear it is a very well paid part time job !
Everything that I sorted has now been listed on the stand alone page at the top of the Blog
'365 - Going, Going, Gone - Less Stuff', see HERE
Sue xx 


  1. I wish my hourly rate was that good! Great stuff!

  2. we seem to be living parallel lives at the minute, I gave away 2 huge boxes of crafty stuff yesterday, the upside of not selling the stuff is never having to buy another card as that's how my DIl is repaying me :)

    when's your first boot fair?

  3. oh well done, what a fabulous idea..........where does all the "stuff" come from? Am going to read some of your past posts and be inspired to do the same xx

  4. I cleared out the cupboard under the sink today where as well as cleaning products I have a lot or art stuff ! I

  5. I gave away a lot of craft items a few years ago and now I have collected more than I had back then and still no time to make anything! I have just had to buy both Mothers Day cards and 2 birthday cards as I know my next few weekends are going to be busy. One day I will sit down and make some new cards! Hope you manage to sell all your bits - I think you are right to put your time into growing things.

  6. I used to make a lots of cards to sell and did quite well until I started work full time and didn't have the energy or the time to keep going. I really enjoyed it, though.

    Please can you remind me of the name of the smallholding centre that you suggested we look at. I saved the name in a safe place..... Thanks : )

  7. Although it is still foggy and wet here it feels as if Spring is coming .... and it is always great to begin a new season by doing some sorting and reusing. Sounds like a great idea! Minerva ~

  8. Another good sort out,just to let you know,thanks to you I am on my first day of fasting and looking forward to many more.Hope yours is going well.Flowerlady


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