Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Missing....but still in action!!

Hi all, sorry for the HUGE delay in between posts, but guess what.......Lovely Hubby cut through our BT armoured cable to the house with his JCB!!
He was digging the ground at the back of our tumble down wall in preparation for my lovely new poly tunnel, when he must have gone a smidge too deep and cut through the cable. A lovely BT man came on Monday and gave us an idea where the break could be and LH dug down to it (manually), then yesterday the BT man was back to fix it all and now it's as good as new.
Since I've been missing I've been on a chicken keeping course (with LH) in South Cambridge, done one Car Boot sale, one Bric a Brac market, dug up two thirds of our potato crop (we got the dreaded blight!!) sorted out and cleaned the house from top to bottom and driven (with LH again) to Luton airport to pick up his Mum who's having a little farming holiday with us, we've already had her washing the potatoes ready for storage, and she kept LH company whilst he went to pick up two loads of horse manure for our coming soon worm empire.
So although I've been missing I've still been in action. Has it really only been four days?
Now I am in the middle of a HUGE clearout, I've decided all the clutter we seem to have accumulated in the last few months has to go. So over the next couple of months I am making a real effort to car boot and sell as much of it as possible. We should be living a more simple and stress free life and I feel this could be the way forward.
Normal service has (almost) been resumed!!
Sue xx


  1. The danger of a JCB, a man, and a telephone cable! ;-)

    Good on you for cutting the clutter. I am in the process of trying to do this, but struggle so much. But that is my aim for when I get my cottage in the country. :-)

  2. Life is never dull in the country..!
    When you have finished de-cluttering your home.. maybe you would like to come and sort out my pile of junk.. all suggestions gratefully received,

    Michele xx


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