Friday, 15 September 2017

The Lingering Aroma of Vinegar

Yesterday I picked all the tomatoes that had ripened while we were away over the weekend and used them to make this recipe.

I didn't have exactly what the recipe called for but it was near enough.  Red wine vinegar instead of white, mixed pickling spices instead of all the two teaspoons of this, two teaspoons of that, dried chilli flakes instead of the four chillies ... and then I added a couple more onions and a tin of chopped tomatoes as it all seemed too liquidy.  

If this is tasty and I make it again I will definitely reduce the amount of vinegar I use.  It took almost FOUR HOURS of boiling to reduce the chutney enough for bottling.

  If you want to see the recipe click on the picture and it should enlarge.

But what we have got now is five jars of very rich tasting chutney stashed away ready for Winter use, and a house that still smells of vinegar!!

The stores cupboard filling up nicely, and the freezer is looking much healthier again too :-)

Sue xx


  1. The wasps love the smell of vinegar. I have too much left from last year but need to make piccalilli for gifts.

  2. What a wonderful stash of yummy goodies. x

  3. My mother used to make the most delicious green tomato chutney from the leavings in my father's greenhouse - if only I had the recipe.

  4. THere's a book with that title in there somewhere, he says to brain

  5. I know exactly what you mean by the aroma of vinegar. We live in the sub tropics of Aus and winter is our tomato growing time. In summer it is too hot and we have Queensland Fruit Fly which lays its eggs into tomatoes. It's not very pleasant in summer. to cut into a nice looking tomato, to find it full of maggots. Hubby bought home 16kg of free tomatoes and 4kg of free capsicum. The tomatoes have become sauce and relish and the capsicums and the last of the tomatoes have become sweet chilli jam with the addition of some chillies from the garden. I'm a tiny bit sick of tomatoes.

  6. I love that vinegary smell!! Sadly no surplus veg for me this year to turn into chutney and zero tomatoes from 18 plants. Maybe next year :-)

  7. Apparently vinegar smell deters spiders.

  8. I gave up making chutneys after I realised that I really didn't like the smell when I opened the kitchen door at 5.45 am every workday morning! Vinegar smell, the gift that keeps on giving!


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