Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Jamie Oliver - 5 Ingredients

I'd been wondering whether or not to buy this book.

 I've been really enjoying the accompanying television series, but over the course of the Summer I've gradually sold off most of my Jamie Oliver book collection at the car boot sales we've been doing.  I had every that book he has ever written, the older Naked Chef ones were so dated and although good at the time we just don't eat that way these days.

It was quite amazing looking through all the books in the order that he had written them while I was sorting them out for selling, watching him age bit by bit and his family grow in both number and ages.  So when this one came out I was in two minds about getting it, and then Mum mentioned she had debated whether or not to buy it for herself as well.

The deciding factor was finding out I had £8.78 in Waterstones rewards available to use, and as the book was on sale there at half of it's cover price of £26, it would be a snip at just £4.22 for two of us to share ... and definitely too good a bargain to miss.

We have already got one firm favourite of a recipe from the series and the book ... Super Green Spaghetti, it's absolutely delicious and worth the cost of the book alone ... well the £4.22 cost of the book that is   ;-)

I've had a good look through the book and now I'm taking it to Mum's with me so she can have a turn. 
See you later Mum  :-)

Sue xx


  1. My sister and I have jointly bought this book. We are enjoying it but I think HFW's Three Good Things is more imaginative and I hugely enjoyed John Whaite's 5 ingredient book. Haven't cooked yet from JO's book though.

  2. Sounds good I might have a thumb through it when out again and then decide if I want it.

  3. I want to get that but am waiting for the price to go down.
    J x

  4. I love Jamie Olivers books. You are so lucky in the UK to get books that cheaply. Here in NZ books are extraordinarily expensive. At the moment that book is selling for $60. Oh well I will keep using good old Google for my recipes.


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