Monday, 18 September 2017

Yummy or Sludgey

My breakfast yesterday was this lovely concoction of colourful yumminess ...

... while todays was this tumbler of greeny sludge.

It might look a bit unappetising but it tasted absolutely delicious.

And the thing they both have in common is that they contain lots of things I have grown myself,  so they are full of satisfyingly homegrown goodness  :-)

Sue xx


  1. I have a green smoothie every single day as well as juicing daily. The best move I ever made, other than stopping shopping.

  2. I make juices now for lunch in the week, my juicer which was bought brand new for a fiver at the car boot and I always have reduced fruit and veg, it may not look very nice but tastes absolutely delicious.

  3. It is something I am thinking of buying when I move - I like the look of these and there is definitely goodness in them.

  4. Sludge for me, I can't chew hard seeds and nuts.

  5. The bowl of yumminess for me, I like a bit of texture and crunch.

  6. Home-grown ... so much better! I'm making similar smoothies, but have to use supermarket produce - organic where I can get it. We do have a Farmers' Market on Sunday where one can get locally produced vegetables etc, but blueberries and mango pieces change the flavour from YETCH, to YUM, don't they! I've been adding LSA and a coconut yoghurt too. Our colour-ways looked very similar - too much spinach and it's not as easy on the tummy I found....


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