Friday, 1 September 2017

Tidying Up My Act

I posted HERE back in early August about tidying up the polytunnel work areas ... and then never came back with the 'after' photos, so I thought before we got too far into September I should put them on the blog.

As you can see the main difference, apart from things being cleaner and tidier is that there is a long length of the workbench now missing, this lets an astonishing amount of extra light into this end of the tunnel.

Doing this gave me the chance to have a bit of a declutter in here too and a few items went to the last car boot sale, and home with people who might find them more useful than I did.

The above photo shows the storage end of the polytunnel, with my new(ish) Ikea three tier storage trays.  They are holding all the planting and drainage trays, the smaller plant pots and plant pot saucers and my current open bottle of tomato food.  It keeps everything nice and neat and to hand.

This end of my workbench had started small and neat and then quickly turned into a dumping ground for everything I used.

Now it's just things for immediate use that are here and I've claimed back almost as much workbench space as we chopped off the other end. 

It only took a few hours over two days, and no doubt has already saved me that in the time I usually spent searching for things.

For the record and for any of you who are still interested .... we are still WITHOUT running water :-(

Sue xx


  1. What's happened to your water supply - I missed seeing- must be very difficult

    1. Fiddling about on library website and see Francine Raymond has a new book - The Garden Farmer - I know you like her books

  2. That looks neater, terrible isn't it how easy it is to dump stuff down.

  3. Looks great.. neat and tidy. :o)

  4. A good tidy up does make you feel better. You are the motivation for me to do the same in my greenhouse. I think I'll wait for my tomato plants to finish and then give it a blitz before Winter sets in. Can't believe you are still without water - What a struggle that must be!! Hope it gets sorted soon and you have a lovely weekend.

  5. I was just about to ask about the water! I hope it is sorted soon. I just love your poly tunnel it would be my dream to have even a tiny one sometime in the future. I think it is as easy to accumulate stuff in the garden as it is in the house and your recent tidy up has certainly made an impact. Have a good weekend hope it isn't a dry one!!

  6. The trouble with gardening bit is I never want to part with stuff because I know the minute ive parted with it I'll need it. But we really need to knuckle down and do some clearing and tidying.

  7. There is nothing like the feeling one gets from tidying out a greenhouse and making it all look efficient is there? Sorry about the water though.

  8. Oh heavens, not still without water? That has to be hard. I hope things improve soon.

    Decluttering and tidying is so very satisfying, I agree.

  9. Ooh, that's very impressive!

    Can't believe you're still without water. I hope they can sort you out soon, must feel like it's been forever!


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