Saturday, 16 September 2017

Freezer Inventory

I came across this brilliant freezer inventory on a website called Organised Home earlier, after a tip off on Facebook. 


They have the basic one you can just print out and write on, which would be brilliant for me when I'm out in the workshop at the big chest freezer, and also a version for saving onto your computer to fill in with your keyboard ... which would make it much neater and easier to read if your handwritings anywhere near as bad as mine  ;-)

Guess what I'll be doing one day next week then, and this time I'll try and keep it up to date and not let it fizzle out like it usually does.

There are lots of other very useful printables on the site too, including this weekly menu planner with built in shopping list. I've just printed myself one out, ready for next weeks effort to eat through the contents of the indoor freezer.

Sue xx


  1. I would start off with good intentions but then lose the pen, or be in a rush or something and that would be the end of that.
    Good luck!

  2. I've used the Organized Home printable in the past. The only thing I don't like is that they print very light.

    For those who still send Christmas cards, this is the best card list I've found because you can check off "sent" and "received" for four years.

  3. I do confess I have already begun my Organized Christmas printing ...

  4. O i love that site for organizing printables..have a few of them

  5. I did inventory my freezers once and then kind of forgot about the whole process. I think I just might have to do up another one.

    God bless.

  6. Thankyou for sharing I have printed some of each out.

  7. Great idea... funnily enough we are currently in the throes of going through all our freezer food and eating it or getting rid of things that are years and years old! I just want to start again and have it organised – with a little one in tow meals now have to be much more organised. It's been a learning curve...

  8. I often inventory what is in the freezer, but then things come out, and others go in, and soon, I've completely lost track. Again


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