Saturday, 23 September 2017

Sue's Breakfast Mix and Car Boot Results

Whenever I have bananas and yoghurts in the house this is my breakfast of choice.

A big dollop of yoghurt, usually about a third of this large pot, a sliced up banana, a good handful of frozen homegrown Blueberries straight from the freezer and a teaspoon or two of everything from these jars.  The other morning as I was in and out of cupboards adding my teaspoon of this, teaspoon of that I thought to myself ... well no actually I said it out loud ... why the bloody hell do I do this several times a week and why don't I store all these jars in one cupboard which would have been the first logical step.

Then I thought ... time to put this right now

So instead of just putting the teaspoon of seeds on my breakfast I also put six times the amount of each seed into a jar and then gave it a good mix up.

I will obviously have to give it a stir each time before I use it as things like the little Chia seeds will gravitate to the bottom, but it's a million times better than opening and closing cupboards finding what I need so early in the morning.

The only thing I decided not to add to the jar were the flaked almonds, as they would go off much sooner than the other more dried seeds, and there weren't that many left in their jar.  When they run out I will revert to grating a couple of Brazil nuts over my breakfast instead..

I even labelled the jar 'Sue's Breakfast Mix.

One nice thing though, while I was doing my squirrel impression the other morning and gathering in my seeds and nuts, Alan said 'you remind me so much of your Dad when he came to visit us at the farm' ... he used to do something very similar every day with his bowl of cereal and whatever various 'sprinkles'  he could find  :-)

In other completely non-breakfast news, we worked out our final car boot takings after our final car boot sale of the year last week and these are the grand totals for 2017.

Not too shabby at all, over £900 cash that we wouldn't normally have had   :-)

Our plan for next year now that we have got rid of most of the housey clutter, is to move towards selling more of our homegrown and homemade stuff.  So along with one table of 'car boot stuff'  there will be another table with eggs, plants and vegetables and once the workshop is completely up and running which hopefully it will be over this Winter, more handmade small pieces of furniture, bowls and bits and pieces made of wood.

It will be interesting to compare this years total with next years.

Sue xx


  1. I have a very similar breakfast in the week, and then have a treat of some toast or crumpets at the weekend. £900 what an amazing total.

  2. My husband mixes his own muesli, with extras such as various dried fruits, golden linseed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds etc. You did well with your car boot sales. Obviously lots of buyers up where you are.

  3. Grand total from the car boot sales. I usually sprinkle nuts or chia or other seeds into my smoothie before blitzing. I aim to keep it between 200 and 220 calories.

  4. yes Sue you are like your lovely Dad in a lot of ways Love MUM XXXXXXX

  5. I try to mix my own but am so late some mornings. It is worth the effort though. The car boot sales have really added up. That is an impressive total.

  6. I make my own muesli ever day, rolled oats, frozen blackcurrants, nuts, seeds and coconut yoghurt. Sometimes i move to porridge over the winter but I still have the same topping! :)

  7. My breakfast of choice too-except the nuts. Well done on generating that extra income. I'll look forward to seeing how the woodworking goes as that's my DH's project in retirement. Catriona

  8. I have reverted to porridge now it is autumn- but there's still a little muesli in the jar. I may make that up into cereal bars to eat as part of my packed lunch at school. Porridge, muesli or granola, oats are definitely my breakfast cereal of choice.

  9. Gracious, you did well on your sales! And isn't it funny how we can end up doing just what a parent did, without any conscious effort?

  10. Grand total on the car booting. We may come across you "booting" somewhere next June when we are down your way again. Can't wait to see what your lovely hubby makes in his workshop.


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