Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Shopping From the Freezer

It's been a busy few days.  On Friday we drove up to Scotland ready for a family wedding on the Saturday, Sunday saw us hitting the road for home after having a brilliant time celebrating with the happy couple and lots of our other family members from North of the border.

  Yesterday we dashed round like blue arsed flies catching up with things at home, before taking the hire kilt back into Llandudno, doing lots of other  little errands and arranging to donate one of our sofas to the British Heart Foundation in readiness for redecorating the living room later this month (or early next if we run out of time ....which is more than likely).  On our way home we picked the dogs up from the kennels.  So now it's all back to normal at home ... well as normal as it ever gets here that is  πŸ˜‰

One thing I'm determined not to do much of for the rest of this month is shop.   After the last couple of weeks spent filling the chest freezer with homegrown vegetables, fruit and sauces,  and filling the cupboards with jams and marmalades, trailing round supermarkets or shops is the last thing on my agenda.  So to help with this, as you can see from the top photo, I have decided to get back to weekly menu planning.

Fifteen or so minutes spent with pencil and paper on Monday morning means that our evening meals for the whole week are sorted out, so no more standing staring into the fridge hoping desperately for inspiration to strike after a hard couple of hours in the polytunnel.

It also means that after a couple of weeks I should be able to 'shop' once a week from the chest freezer in the workshop and put everything we are going to be using jnto the smaller freezer in the house saving me dashing backwards and forwards looking for things .... well that's the plan anyway 😊

To make space, this week and for however long supplies last, we are eating down the contents of this freezer.   It's a bit like the Challenges I used to do really, and I'm already enjoying myself!!

Sue xx


  1. Viewing your open doored freezer makes me thoroughly ashamed of looking in mine!

  2. Sue I have freezer envy, we can't fit another freezer in here and only have a crappy 3 door one which belongs to the landlord, I long for a big one so I can batch cook. x

  3. I have two freezers , i'm working my way through our chest freezer because there is stuff needs using up. I need the space and it will save me some money over the next few months.

  4. Completely off topic but my father used to use the expression "blue arsed fly" in the same way ... the only other time in my life I've heard it until now!

    And, on topic, isn't it surprising what a supper meal plan will do to make the days easier!

  5. THat's far too admirable and organised for me to ever do!

  6. Your freezer is so orderly and tidy Sue. I've also been in the process of eating down one of our three large chest freezers, ultimately so we can continue running just two freezers. The power costs here in Australia and especially in our state, are the most expensive in the world..!! Not a nice prize to win! Everyone's electricity bills tripled within three months! We have solar panels, but we get paid less $$ rebates every quarter as the prices rise. Most folks are paying more than $1500 per quarter!! Anyway I digress.. Shopping from the freezer is how we all should be managing our freezers, otherwise what's the use of having them? I know so many people who forget to take food out of their freezers in the morning, and then buy expensive small portions or takeaway for their evening meal after work. Completely counter productive!

  7. You are SO organised Sue. I just don't think I could ever achieve that. I bet it saves you the headache of thinking "what are we going to have for tea?". That's always a problem and shopping for food in the first place is a bigger problem (I hate shopping - apart from Garden Centre Shopping).


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