Saturday 18 June 2016

The Conservatory Shelves

A couple of people have expressed an interest in where my new sugar shaker lives so here is a photo of the shelves in the conservatory.

They were made from the offcuts of the wood bought to top the windowsills and which act as a bench for when there are lots of us sat around the table.  Most of our furniture is oak, including the table, bench and although the new Bread and Cheese cupboard is Pine it is almost exactly the same colour, 

Here's a photo of the room taken just after we had finished doing the window sills, the shelves are now on the wall at the left of this picture.  They ended up a bit more cluttered than I originally meant them to be but it's all stuff we love, and anyway there will soon be some more space on them as my large silver Vegetable Show winners cup has to be handed in at the end of this month ready for this year's Llanrwst Show.

Talking of which I better start talking to my plants to get them to grow a bit faster if I want to stand a chance of winnings any certificates this year!!

Sue xx


  1. I haven't been lucky enough to win the Veg trophy, but I won the Produce trophy a couple of years ago - a large wooden spoon! Won't be entering this year as our younger son gets married on show weekend - terrible planning!

  2. Your room looks lovely Sue - shelves too.

  3. Your conservatory turned out so well, Sue. I'm sure you all enjoy it immensely!

  4. A trelawnyd flower show cup would look nice on those shelves


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