Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mad Dogs and Scottish Men ....

The heat of the past few days really divided the camp here.  The dogs and Lovely Hubby were determined to be in the heat of the sun no matter how much it beat down.  LH riding round on his tractor, humping bags of compost around and generally carrying on as normal.

Suky did retire to the kitchen every now and then to flop on the cool tiled floor, but she likes to be with the others so she came out whenever I did and for me that was as briefly as possible.  Hanging washing on the line, dashing over to the Orchard with fresh water for the chickens, the quickest ever watering of the seedlings in the polytunnel.  There was not a hope in hell of me working in there with the temperature steady at 45 degrees even with all the doors open.

Rosy just wanted to get through the fence to try and get to Mr Mole, who's tunneling exploits were still ongoing.  Ironically this house is known to older locals as 'The Mole Catchers House' as that's what one of the former owners did for a living.  He would no doubt be horrified at this recent invasion.

Ginger, as you saw yesterday, just lay in the shade, stretched out to his full length, keeping an eye on everyone from his vantage point near the door.  Today it's so much cooler and that makes me happy. 

 I'm not a hot weather person at all ... I've even turned the Aga off !!

Sue xx


  1. We are the opposite here and going thru a cool spell. I am quite happy with that as I'm not a hot weather person either.

  2. We've had furry cats, and the heat always made them very sleepy and shade seeking!

  3. I am not a hot weather person either Sue. I am astonished that pug can stand it. Our pug never cared for hot weather at all and stayed firmly in the shade.
    The weather has been lovely here for a few days but is sultry today.

  4. I'm not a hot weather person either. It's been so sticky today that I've only been out to put out washing. All doors and windows are open too. Oops there was just a loud clap of thunder in the distance......

  5. I am not a hot weather person either but I live in the desert and I love it.
    You adjust your lifestyle. Today will be 104 a lot cooler than yesterday.
    Monsoons are coming so temps will drop somewhat.
    Love your sweet gud dugs and cat.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  6. You would hate it muggy and sticky and the feeder bands from Tropical Storm Colin did not really cool at all...I'm glad the animals are not suffering...

  7. It's very warm here to but as I live near the sea there is a breeze. After the tide turned earlier the wind became stronger.

  8. I tried to do a workout on the hottest day this week. Silly me. I did about 45 minutes, then had to give up. I was completely puce and utterly drenched in sweat! So for the rest of the week I've been concentrating on what the gym lads call 'steady state' exercise. I've been walking. Which is lower heart rate and much more doable when it's so hot. And of course, having lots of flab to lose, I'm very well insulated, which doesn't help!


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