Thursday, 23 June 2016

Fruity Perks

I picked the first three Strawberries off our plants yesterday, well the first three that made it into the house,  I've been sampling the wares for a couple of days while I've been out and about either walking the dogs or working in the polytunnel ;-)

Now three isn't many even just for one person so I had to think of a way to savour them all the more and this is what I decided on for breakfast yesterday.  The three strawberries sliced up, minus a few slices that I accidently ate while the toast was toasting, sat on a good helping of homemade bramble jam, the last jar from the 2010 stash of blackberries. 

It was a bit sweet for me but the slight edge of the strawberries made it taste lovely and fresh.  Not a bad start to the day.

Growers perks!!

Because I've been picking them little and often the plants are now filling with new fruits and I'll be able to gather a bowlful tomorrow .... if I can leave them alone long enough.

Sue xx


  1. The three that made it into the house didn't survive long afterwards!

  2. We have had strawberries and cream (Scottish strawberries - beautifully sweet -) almost every day for the last fortnight. I love them so much and the season is quite short - well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

  3. Harvey manages to nab our strawberries before I even get a chance to.

    Your breakfast looks lovely.

    God bless.

  4. Haven't bought strawbs for years and years (because that was something we always grew loads of) but have been buying all the time this season - £1 a big punnet at the fruit and veg shop so not crazily expensive, but nearly always Dutch - although they taste quite good, but not like picking straight from the garden * big sigh* !
    Enjoy your Welsh strawbs!

  5. I've been picking around a kilo a day for the last 3 weeks - I've had enough now! There's lots stashed in the freezer (there's only so many that 2 of us can eat in a day!) ready to make some jam - plain strawberry, strawberry & blackberry liqueur and - a new recipe for me - strawberry and prosecco. It looks like I've got 2 or 3 more weeks of good pickings left on the plants and then we go on holiday for 3 weeks so I should have enough to make some of each flavour when we get back
    You can't beat homegrown strawberries for flavour, especially if you can pick them off when they're sun-warmed slightly :)

  6. I've just had a small bowl full of home grown strawberries with Greek yoghurt for breakfast. Definitely sweeter than shop bought.

  7. I love how homegrown strawberries are highly perfumed than shop bought ones. I picked a bowlful today and had it with ice-cream, vanilla of course. The raspberries will be in my bowl soon, too. Happy strawberry picking and eating!!!

  8. Gorgeous!! I know you enjoyed every bite.


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