Monday 13 June 2016

Fathers Day is Coming Up

This time of year can be tough for those of us who have lost our dads.  I know the first couple of years after my Dad died it was so hard to see all the cards and gift ideas in the shops in the run up to the weekend that quite rightly is devoted to all those lovely dads out there.

But when I was sent one of these Brew Barrels as a trial thing for Lovely Hubby to have a go at brewing, my first thought was 'What a brilliant Father's Day present that would make' ... and it really would.

Due to us being so busy just recently with the ongoing work on the house and another venture that has just cropped up LH has yet to get his Brew Barrel going, but I am going to suggest that this weekend he takes a few minutes out from everything, read the simple instructions that came with it and get his beer brewing.  Just one week later he will be able to sample his wares and will no doubt be a very, very happy man.

To find out more about this product visit the Brew Barrel website, just click HERE.  There are lots of different beers and lagers to choose from and if all this is too late for Father's Day, then there are always birthdays. Christmas, special occasions .... or simply that you or the man in your life would like some home brewed beer in a week.

I'll let you know the results as soon as the beer is brewed and we have had the chance to give it a taste test :-)

Sue xx


  1. Great idea, I saw this on Frugaldom blogspot a while back.

  2. My Hubby has started to brew his own beer. It should be ready to bottle on Wednesday. Hopefully it turns out to be something he would like to continue to do. I am afraid that his wine making has gotten out of hand, and he needs something else to keep him busy.

    God bless.

  3. Looks really cool, but it seems to be pretty expensive to make not a massive amount of beer

  4. I hope this is enjoyable and turns out well.

  5. I understand how you feel, my daddies 25 years ago but DH lost his dad just before Christmas.

    DH is a home brewer, he gradually bought all the kit for beers & wines and makes his beers from malt & hops, and wines from kits and also from allotment fruit - we've had strawberry, apple, rhubarb, blackberry & elderberry wines so far!

  6. Mmmmmm I wonder if they do a wine one ;0)

  7. We don't bother with Father's Day (bah humbug says my husband!) but that brew your own kit looks a good idea. We used to do that regularly, and I made lots of home made wines too. Now we're leaving that to our offspring to carry on doing.


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