Sunday, 5 June 2016

Giant Mole Hills? Buried Sheep?

I had a heart stopping moment when I stepped down from the shed with the corn for the chickens the other morning.   The piles of earth deposited by Lovely Hubby with his tractor shovel looked just like row upon row of graves ... and they are just about sheep sized!!  I had visions of the coach loads of tourists that go past each day wondering what the hell we were burying just over the hedge from the road, then seeing the half dozen sheep in the end field and putting two and two together!!

If the police get tipped off and call round luckily all they will find under the ground is one very worried mole who has been leaving his mole hills all over this same spot for the last couple of months.

Now when his fresh mole hills appear they are on top of Lovely Hubby giant mole hills.

This is the start of the re-landscaping work that Lovely Hubby is doing between the house and Chicken World.  Once the ground is levelled nicely it will be seeded with new grass and a permanent fence will be put in place between the shed and the hedge, which will also run the entire length of the inside of the hedge in Chicken World to the pointed corner edge of our land.

So it's all go here again at the moment and the building work starts on the house tomorrow to repair the damage caused by the heavy rains of Winter.  It seems to never end ... oh well back to brewing cups of tea six times a day :-/

Sue xx


  1. Oh no, I thought you were all finished!

    1. We thought we just needed to paint the outside of the house this year and it would all be over, but the bad Winter meant the house started to let in water above all the windows on one side and we've lost some slates from the roof. So we are giving everything a good overhaul, all new soffits, fascias, guttering and pipes and THEN finishing with a few coats of paint.

  2. It's a never ending job keeping any property going - and your challenge is formidable. I admire you...

  3. Builders have to be kept going with high strength tea.
    And the trouble with grass is that it keeps growing.
    Two maxims about the countryside.

  4. One of the cats deposited a dead mole in the garden. I was dismayed for the poor creature & have never seen a mole hill in the area. It was fascinating to have a close look at the little body with it's great claws & snouty nose. No more mole hunting cats please though I suppose there are some who'd be happy to see an end to their mole problem.
    My mum used to go & collect some of the fresh earth for her garden from the mole hills on the headland. Come to think of it that's where I have seen them here... on the cliff top !

  5. Each time I look somewhere I see some type of molehill. We do have moles but many of the critters that live around my land and near my home make all sizes of "molehills". You should see the entrances the tarantulas build.
    What a beautiful view of your yard and hills.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  6. We had to have our house repointed and took the opportunity to paint sealer on the bricks at the same time. Some bricks, rendering becomes porous after 20+ years.

  7. Oh my! I hope all goes smoothly!

  8. You certainly chose a pretty spot in the world to call home! (Graves and all!)

  9. You certainly chose a pretty spot in the world to call home! (Graves and all!)


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