Tuesday 20 October 2015

Spot the Difference

After clearing the shelves in the kitchen yesterday this was how my living room window sill ended up looking, I must admit I quite liked it :-)

But this morning I decided to put everything back.  I don't know how long it will be until the electricity meter is moved to it's new position outside the house but I couldn't live with ....

... the barrenness of the shelves for even another day.

I take everything down and give the jars and shelves a good clean every few weeks, either when I'm in the mood to do it or if I'm completely honest when moving a jar discloses a little bit too much dust for healthy living :-/

Then while reading my Kitchen Garden magazine this morning while drinking that all important first cup of coffee, you know the one before the dogs wake up properly and the workers arrive, and well before the day really starts to get going, I came to the page with the Spot the Difference competition.  I don't know about you but these always hook me in.  I don't like doing them ... but I always get hooked and have to find every last difference.

So today a little game for you ...  first an easy one ....

Yep .... jars and then no jars  :-)

Then a slightly harder one ....

The kitchen shelves in July ......

... the kitchen shelves just filled up again this morning.

I'm quite pleased ..... I almost got everything back in the right places.  

Meanwhile outside the house ...... the main difference is that the garage roof is full of equipment and men.  We currently have seven (I think) workers, including two painters working inside the workshop, and four transit vans blocking my escape.

Sue xx


  1. I love the colour on your walls - is it olive? It contrasts so nicely with the crisp white. I'm also very enamoured with the White brick tiles. Very nice style :)

    1. It doesn't have a name as we had it mixed to match the colour of one of the leaves on the curtains we have all over the house. There is a bit of this green in every room of the house in one form or another. All the rooms that is except the upstairs toilet ... which we purposefully missed out and used turquoise in instead.

  2. Hi Sue, your shelves look great love all the jars I think you did pretty well to fitting them all back but I spot a few differences ie photos and heart etc are no longer there. I know what you mean about spot the difference to I have to admit to doing them when I see them also :-) dee x

    1. Well spotted the little heart shaped bowl, and other bits and the cards are in the drawer, I had forgotten about them ... I must go and retrieve them now :-)

  3. The shelves look lovely Sue, love the colour of the wall too! :)

  4. The rooster, cat, and pepper shaker (I think that is what the white object beside the ceramic cat is) are in slightly different positions. There is a white mug hanging up on the wall. I love doing spot the differences....

    You have a few more, but I will let others spot them.

    God bless.

  5. You have gained an additional book (the purple-spined one) on the lower picture... ;-)

  6. I have all my stuff in glass jars as well. So great. And like you, I love looking at them.

    Happy New Day & Boogie Boogie.

  7. More Cookery books? No surely not! :-)

  8. Love the new header picture. Everything looks so different nw the tarmac is down.


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