Saturday 24 October 2015

The Nut Harvest is in .....

The nut harvest is in ..... all three Almonds have now left the tree ;-)

In other news .... we are also eating the last of the large cucumbers tonight with our tea, and the ex-bread bin full of carrots has now been upended.  I also picked the last four stems of Rhubarb while I was out cleaning out the bird bath earlier and they have been stewed with some of the Bramleys and are now awaiting a crumble topping.

Well you need a Fruit Crumble after a salady style tea on these chilly Autumnal nights don't you !!

Have a good weekend.

Sue xx


  1. Oh my gosh! Almonds that fresh. Simply brilliant.

  2. Had no idea you could actually grow almonds in this country. They do look great!

  3. Three little almonds is a treat ! We had apple & rhubarb crumble last Sunday - it must be autumn !

  4. Haha ! When I read the title, I was expecting to see an abundance of all different nuts being harvested. You gave me a right giggle.:-D
    We planted a walnut tree on our land. I bet the first nuts will appear in a hundred years time. Ah well, we have to provide for the next generations, don't we. xxx...x

  5. Well, that's three almonds more than we got this year!

  6. It's not the quantity (apparently!!!!) but the quality......I love all crumbles , enjoy you almonds and old dad used to say if you pick the harvest from the tree it knows and will grow more the next year..fingers crossed.xx

  7. Snap! We used up the last of the homegrown rhubarb with apples in a crumble last night, perfectly complemented by the last of the vanilla ice cream too!
    There is a definite chill in the air here in wiltshire, much colder than the last few weeks, We are definitely in crumble and casserole weather! I fear the salad will soon be relegated to a side dish! X

  8. I envy your mature plants and trees. The rhubarb plant I bought earlier this year was only 10cm tall. It did produce 5 good sticks of rhubarb but I was advised if I left them it would help the plant over its first winter. So I'm really looking forward to rhubarb next year and making all the lovely crumbles like you.


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