Tuesday 13 October 2015

Spreading the Sweetness

I found a tin of this in the cupboards when I was reorganising them the other day.  

The kitchen briefly looked like a bomb had fallen, alright, alright I admit .....  not so briefly.   I actually gave up halfway through and came and sat at the computer armed with coffee and biscuits so I couldn't see the almighty mess I had made where once there had been calm and organisation.

After a break I garnered my energy and finished the job in hand, but the tin of caramel stayed out of the cupboard.  Usually I have this in store to make my Cheats Banoffee Pie.  Simply a ready made pastry case, a layer of this easy caramel poured in, a couple of sliced up bananas scattered around and then a few ginormous dollops of whipped cream on top, maybe with a bit of grated dark chocolate too, hardly a recipe but most certainly a dessert that makes everyone go oooh   :-)

But now I don't eat cream (mild lactose intolerance) and Lovely Hubby is being so very good and not eating many sweet desserts so what could I do with the tin of caramel.

And then I remembered a recipe I had read in this book.

Yep ... there it was  :-)

So one tin of overly sweet goo-iness was turned into eight jars of very tasty jam.  

Yes, it is very sweet but it's packed with apples, lots of apples and you only need a smidge of it on your toast to set your taste buds into ecstatic overdrive, and also a way of making one tin of something go a very long way with free apples from the trees outside.  One tip I will pass on, in the recipe it says to stir the caramel sauce into the apples, stirring proved a virtually impossible way of dispersing the caramel properly throughout the apples ... I resorted to a balloon whisk which did the job very well. 

Any Banoffee Pie desserts will now be purchased as a very special 'treat' when out and and about, that way at least there is a modicum of portion control involved!!

It is yummy ..... and eight seven jars of it have now been added to the stash in the larder cupboard.


Well we had to open one to sample the goods didn't we  ;-)

And as you no doubt spotted on the jar labels, I changed the name of it slightly .... well can you imagine writing Caramelised Apple Jam eight times ......

Sue xx


  1. oohhh that sounds and looks lovely :-) dee x

  2. I bet that tastes delicious. So many jars from one tin! x

  3. Oooh, I can see jars of this being made in this house!
    DH is addicted to 'caramel apple Betty' desserts, so he'd really love this!
    Thanks for the recipe Sue.

  4. That is why I only ever bought plain sweetened condensed milk. I'm not tempted about making a quick banoffee pie then. Haha.
    But I luuuve caramel/toffee and I bet that is some lovely apple jam. :)

  5. TOFFEE APPLE JAM? I have never heard of such a wondrous thing. I am agog. I have a tin of this joyous stuff too. I had it earmarked for some millionaire's shortbread but I may have changed my mind...

  6. That sounds fabulously naughty and delicious at the same time. I have such a sweet tooth so may have to try this. X

  7. Sounds super sweet and tasty!! :-)

  8. Loving the new photo at the top of your blog. Caramelised apple................sounds sweet!

  9. Yes indeedy! You have to have lived with A LOT of mud to REALLY appreciate (as I do) tarmac and concrete :-)

  10. Sounds lovely! A new jam to try!

  11. Good morning from Tasmania, Australia.
    I've been squinting hard at the photo hoping against hope to work out the recipe. Lo and behold our local library, all the way over here, has the book.
    It's on its way to me and it wont be long before I have my own batch of toffee apple jam.
    Thanks for the great idea.

    1. If you click on the photos they will open in another window and be magically larger :-)

  12. ooh, that looks very good. I have lots of apples from the garden, I might just have to have a go at this one!

  13. Apples can caramel. Classic. Lovely. Delicious.

  14. Wow, this looks amazing! I can imagine using this to sweeten tea, instead of sugar.


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