Monday 12 October 2015

The Shepherd Lied ......

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The shepherd lied  :-(

When the daylight slipped down over the hills opposite last night, the red hue that it took with it gave me hope for a lovely morning today.  We woke to darkness at 7am and as the light gained ownership of the day it did so in such a grey dreary manner it might as well not have bothered.

I went over to chicken world to let the chooks out from the warmth of the henhouse, they weren't impressed with the day they saw when the first few brave souls peered through the doorway and stepped out onto the ramp.  With a shake of indignant feathers they trotted over to the feeders to fill their tummies and try to make the best of this grey day that Mum seemed to have lined up for them.

The dogs eagerly ran round the paddock as usual after their breakfast, but Suky's heart is never in it when her little feet get wet, even less so if the long grasses dare to brush against her bare tummy, although there had been no rain over night the grass and indeed the world felt as wet as if there had been.  Suky trotted along in my tracks grateful for trodden down grass and a path she could follow with her head down against a dismal day.

Me, well I was going to make some Fig and Onion Chutney today.   Lovely Hubby loves figs, although I cannot stand the texture of them, to me they are a sweet version of the slimy texture that is a mushroom and although I keep trying to find a mushroom recipe that I can tolerate because they say if you try something over and over you will eventually learn to like it, whoever they are I've stopped believing them!!

 I have the figs, although our fig trees are mere babies and have the tiniest of fruits on them and we will not get to eat these until next year, if rodent, rabbit and bird decided to leave them in place over the Winter that is,  the figs I do have were bought as a supermarket 'yellow stickered' bargain over the weekend.  Yesterday I delved into the cupboard to get some onions out ... there were none there!!   I remembered I had put some in the fridge ... nope only one solitary onion gazed back at me when I pulled out the vegetable drawer  :-(

This mass production of chutneys and jams has depleted my stores of ingredients.

So now I am sat here with a warming cup of coffee and a slice of hot buttered toast, because after the chilly damp walk around the paddock a Nutriblast just would not have cut the mustard this morning, wondering if I should get changed and go shopping or just give up on the whole Fig and Onion chutney thing.  One more cup of coffee and I'll make up my mind, there are blogs to read and hands to warm so for now at least I think that is the best idea I have had today.

And as for the shepherds ... they better keep out of my way ... lying little toe-rags  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. They've been lying over here in Anglesey too, they said it was going to be dry and its raining :(

  2. Raining here too, yeeugh!
    I'd been hopeful after seeing last night's red sky, but it looks as though the washing is going to be dried indoors :-(
    We've just returned from a two week holiday with stunning weather, so this miserable morning is really depressing me!
    After the amount of overeating we've both done whilst away, Nutriblasts should have started again this morning, but bacon toasties were the order of the day, definitely not a day for a cold breakfast!!!

  3. We didn't have a red sky last night here in the southwest of Ireland, but a great morning. Blue sky and blazing sunshine ! Sorry if this seems like schadenfreude. It is not. Anyway it seems to be clouding over here too.
    It is always a stampede here at the chicken coop, whatever the weather. The pigs otoh, are lazy beggars and love to lie in in the morning.

  4. Obviously the shepherds must live in Surrey - nice calm sunny day here today. Not warm but pleasant enough. How frustrating to find there a no onions left - perhaps it was fate? Coffee and buttered toast sounds like just the ticket on a mitty day :)

  5. I'd enjoy any sign and hope for rain at the moment! I'm with you on the figs AND the mushrooms. Can't acquire a taste for them, and others love them. Who can figure?

  6. I am struggling with my nutriblasts for breakfast at the moment. They are not quite the same when its cold, are they? X

  7. Lol bless you that did make me chuckle the lying toe rags :-) We had a beautiful day here in Somerset very cold on our walk this morning but by lunch time we had blue skies and sunshine I hate the tell you. I love fig biscuits but do struggle to eat the actual fruit on its own. Love the sound of the chutney though hope you manage to make it. dee x

  8. Its been a glorious day in Essex. Trying to get loads done while the weather stays dry. I don't think we have rain due but grey skies make me miserable. Did you decide to shop or not? Love figs, have had a good crop this year more next ;0)

  9. I cannot do with figs either, all those little seeds.
    Weather pretty good here in Queensland as we head to the hottest part of our year. Ask me again in a month or two when the mercury hits well into the 30's and I'm wilting, along with my vegetable garden.

  10. I share your loathing of mushrooms Sue despite trying them in many various guises. The texture and smell just make me want to heave! Your fig jam looks delicious x


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