Wednesday 14 October 2015

Astonishing .....

When it came down to it I couldn't be arsed bothered going to the shops the other day for onions so I could make the Fig, Onion and Date Chutney, but when I looked at the figs in the fridge one of them was showing distinct signs of developing a furry overcoat.  Quickly separating him from his friends I checked them all over.  They were mostly pretty ripe and looked fine to use ... if I used them straight away.  So I gave the offending chilly fig a good trim and set to to make a small batch of Fig Jam.

And ...... astonishingly I love the taste of it!!  

Which goes to prove that it's the texture of fresh figs that I really can't tolerate, I must try some alternative mushroomy things to see if I can get over my dislike of them too.  I hate being a fussy eater, and when you don't eat meat, are limited on anything containing milk, cream or wheat and also hate mushrooms it's starting to sound like I am.

Anyway, I got two big jars and a half jar, from my kilo of figs, the half jar will obviously have to be eaten straight away as you shouldn't have  jars with any air in them or even space for air, it allows mould to develop much quicker.  No hardship ..... this one can live in the fridge along with all the other half jars and bowls that have been produced recently.

Then although I said I wouldn't pick anymore blackberries after the last lot, I picked one more bowlful last week.  The sun had been out all day and walking the dogs round the paddock just after tea I saw that the bush that has given us the biggest and juiciest blackberries was once again dripping with a fresh crop.  I quickly got a plant pot from the polytunnel and set too picking the biggest and the best.  As you can see I managed another half a kilo.  They were washed, open frozen and then bagged and put back into the freezer.

Yesterday I decided the last of the windfall apples had been clogging up the fridge space for too long and decided to make up another batch of Crumble/Pie/Cobbler base for the freezer with them ... we have more than enough jam in the cupboard now so this wasn't an option.  So once the apples had cooked down to a chunky mush I tipped the frozen berries into the pan and stirred it all together.

Et voila ..... another five trays of fruity goodness preserved for the cold, dark days of Winter.  Now all I have to do is somehow shoehorn them into the freezer and we are sorted :-)

Sue xx


  1. gosh you have been busy glad you were able to make the jam in the end and even better that you liked it :-) dee x

  2. Our freezer is very full at the moment too. I bought fig jam at a French market recently. I'm really looking forward to trying it. I'm using up a supermarket lime marmalade first. I don't like having multiple jams open going mouldy.

  3. Must admit our apples are in the fridge awaiting use as our freezer is getting full, must be this time of year.

  4. We have two chest freezers that are both chocabloc ful to the brim. I really need to get my a*se into gear and start preserving some more and use what is in the freezer.
    I envy your get up and go attitude, Sue.
    I have picked some small-ish blackberries a few weeks ago for feeding the birds in winter. Mixed with seeds, nuts and lard (have lots of lard) . Made them in cupcake tins and in the freezer they went.
    Need to pick more for birds and pigs and humans.

  5. A very productive day all round. My freezer is full as well, I only have a small one in my upright.

  6. I've never tried fig jam/chutney, but it looks good. The full freezer must be a symptom for many of us. I might need to restack mine to see if it helps????

    1. It tastes brilliant, which really surprised me!! I think there are a lot of us playing 'freezer Tetris' at the moment ;-)

  7. Those will be wonderful in whatever you are baking this winter, Sue. So excited for you to have your stash full in the freezer.

  8. How wonderful to know that the freezer and cupboards are filled with all those jams and fruits!

  9. Fig jam is divine!!!! I was given a jar of the stuff by a Croatian colleague - very popular in Croatia so he tells me

  10. There is something quite addictive about making meals for the future. It must be in our genes to hoard food. I've gone cold turkey on shopping as as I need to use things up to make room for Christmas. I will resort to Old habits very soon I know I will. ;0) the fig jam looks great my sort of jam.

  11. Can you give me your recipe for cobbler?

  12. I just tried fresh figs for the first time this season. Oh my goodness, such heaven. Then I made figgy jam. Oh my goodness, more heaven.

    I came over to your blog from Savannah Rose's blog. Now I'm gonna have a look about your blog.

  13. What a fantastic haul! I really need to get a bigger freezer.


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