Wednesday 21 October 2015

Working in the Rain

Suky, Mavis and Rosy are refusing to leave the warm of the kitchen.

In this picture it looks as though Rosy is sadly left out of beddy cuddles but it couldn't be further from the truth  ..... she had just run in from the living room to see what was happening and immediately this picture was taken she was off again.  She does the  forlorn, woe is me look so well :-)

Meanwhile, outside on the garage roof the roofers are busy fitting the last of the protection round the studs that hold the bars that hold the solar panels to the roof, and which were drilled through from the inside, this should seal the roof from leaks.  I'm sure all the components parts have proper names ... but I don't know them :-)

While they do this the solar installation guys carry all the panels up the slope alongside the workshop, up to the roof ready for fitting.  It's a shame the weather turned nasty last night and all this is being done in that persistent drizzle that we are so famous for here in North Wales.

Rather them up there than me.  

I'm off to Mum's for a bit of a natter and a day spent indoors, apart from a brief walk round the park with Suky to stretch her legs after the car journey.  Hopefully by the time I get back the majority of the work will be completed and we will be one more step nearer being more self sufficient .... once that dratted electricity meter is moved and we can actually be connected up.

Sue xx


  1. There's always much activity going on at yours! Lovely photographs of the dogs. I do miss mine but don't really have the time for one at the moment. X

  2. Wow that's some garage, bet hubby can't wait x

  3. Its a bit grim here today grey and raining think you have the right idea today. Enjoy the day with your mum and hope its not to long now until your self sufficient. Love the hounds bless them :-) dee x

  4. It will all be worth it in the end. That's what I tell myself every time we tackle yet another project.
    Poor Rosy, she really does look like she's been left out, all on her own, in the wide wide world.... :-)

  5. Miserable weather here too today - your dogs have got the right idea! I'm tempted to curl up with them :)

  6. Oh you can just tell that Rosy is starved and beaten can't you....NOT! X

  7. It's a good job that "solar power" doesn't rely on bright sunshine, eh?

    1. Most definitely :-)

      I've been told on good authority they can even charge up by the light of lamp posts .... not that we have any in this part of the world. I I guess I could always go out and shine a torch on the panels if the days are too dismal and grey!!

  8. Will the panels take you completely off grid? That would be my wish. Everything's looking good.

  9. So great that you are installing the solar panels. I'm all for any contribution to conservation.

  10. They are well behaved - and so photogenic. Jack Russells are good at giving that look. We have one at home called Missy who is ostensibly OHs dog - she shares her time equally though and will quite often come and keep me company as well. Quite often when it is chillier - she does not do the cold. A week on Sunday she has to go to the Animal Health Trust at Newmarket as she has a cataract in her eye which needs to be operated on. We are a little concerned as she has never been away from OH in all the time we have had her. Do not know who is going to be more of a wreck whilst she is away.

    My brother had solar panels fitted a couple of years ago and despite from buying his house he thinks that having the solar panels fitted is one of the better things he has done. He is running the house for nothing and getting an income from the surplus.

    I must say you do get a wriggle on when you decide to do something. It will all be worth it in the end you have a fabulous home and location and truly are living the dream.

    Its still raining here now (Peterborough). Ughh.

    Take care and enjoy your time with mum - its special get those hugs and cuddles whilst you can and the friendship



  11. Wonder if the trees behind will harbour the noisy keening of buzzards?

  12. Love those girls!!! I hate building work of any description!! Be great when it is all finished though.

  13. I was sat at home discussing our country life dream and ended up showing my husband your blog! We are part way there in terms of living our country dream but at the moment with very young children and a lack of money, things are moving forward at a snails pace.
    I love your veggie garden posts, your cooking, your aga, everything! I especially loved your post showing the truth that's not often shown in the photos.
    Thank you for posting, I check in every day to see if there is a new instalment to accompany my cup of tea!

  14. Hi Sue - have just come over from John's blog upon seeing the word pug. I had a black pug, Algy, for fourteen years. Someone once described him as a 'battery power pack'. For some of the time I also had a German Short Haired Pointer but Algy was total boss of him, moving him out of the way in front of the Aga so that he (Algy) could have the favoured position. I now have a lovely bitch Border terrier, but I still miss Algy.
    See you are having solar panels. We had them three years ago and they are well on their way to earning the initial cost back.
    Pop over and see me sometime. I shall put you on my side bar. Best wishes.

  15. Love the pups. What a great bunch you have.


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