Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Itty Bitty Post.

I'm just hanging around having a lazy hour ... it may run into two :-)

I was over in the polytunnel first thing this morning before the sun moved onto it, it's the only cool part of the day in there first thing in the morning so heavy stuff gets done early.  I was moving some of the soil from the overfilled beds to the new raised beds in the net tunnel, only for an hour or so but then the sun moved in and the temperature started to creep upwards, so I abandoned my spade and came indoors.

I put the first lot of washing on and then out onto the line, made up some soup for lunch later on.  I simply used the vegetables that we brought back from the show on Saturday that had been roasted in the oven yesterday,  they were whizzed up with some stock and veg hash to make a tasty panful of soup, there should be enough for today and the next couple of days I expect.

There's nothing new going on here at the moment, the building work is cracking on nicely, although the solar panel guys have let us down.  They should have been here today starting the installation of the panels on the garage roof but seemingly they have a 'part that needs to be manufactured' ... shouldn't it be ready for use if they give you a 'firm date' .... well you'd think so!!

The picture above shows my little jar of jam.  Is anyone else out there enticed by miniatures or is it just me?  They sell these mini Bonne Maman  jams in Sainsbugs cafes, I bought one just because it's cute, and it was only 40p, not a bad price for an ornament ... if you visit don't you dare eat my little jam ;-)

In bigger jars is something else we bought this week.  

One of the ladies at the Gardening Club has a husband with lots of hives  .... full of bees, he's not allergic to anything!!   She sent out an email last week asking if anyone would like some local just produced honey.  I jumped at the chance and she dropped two off the other day, when she was passing on her way to somewhere.

It's gorgeous ...... and I don't even usually like honey!!

It bodes well for when Lovely Hubby finally gives up the day job and gets his own hives for us to be able to produce our own honey and wax products.  And it will save us a fortune to produce our own, this was £6 a jar, although in comparison to supermarket honeys it is worth every penny.  We'll be careful to make it last.

Oh... one more random bit on this itty, bitty post.

Don't you just hate messy workman ... especially when they leave one of your best cups on the roof and go home.  I was in two minds not to make them anymore cups of coffee, but Lovely Hubby said that would be mean.

I just think it would be fair revenge ... but then I'm cruel like that  ...... hehehe  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. I always have a selection of old but perfectly fine mugs to give to workmen, then I don't mind so much if they drop them or cover them in concrete or ..... and I kid you not, leave it in a hole and accidentally fill the hole in with the cup at the bottom never to be seen again :-)

  2. You cannot beat honey straight from the hive. I have a husband who leaves cups everywhere, so am quite used to it! I just hope he behaves himself better when he is working elsewhere x

  3. I have teens and young 20s who leave mugs, spoons, yogurt cartons in their rooms. I refuse to clear up so it goes mouldy and festers. When I run out i'll go and dig in the garden for buried builders mugs I think. Can't beat local honey. I like to pick some up from the country shows.

  4. It would be mean :) but I can see the temptation! x

  5. I love little jars like those, ideal for little leftover jam or chutney.

  6. I save the mustard and mint sauce jars for my 'present' jams and chutneys. They're such a lovely size. I'd love to keep bees.

  7. Great to hear you are venturing into bee keeping it has to be one the most rewarding things to do, we are back up to 5 hives now and hope to increase to 12 over time when they swarm :-)

  8. Maybe send the offender up to retrieve before he gets another brew?

  9. We just keep old mugs for workmen. They very rarely bring them back, or leave them where they're easy to find!
    Love your little china owl - had one years ago, but it got lost or broken in a house move.

    1. We simply don't have old mugs for workmen and new ones, or 'different' ones for ourselves, we have one set of mugs, in white that are used for everyone. Keeps life simple and the cupboards tidy ... annoying when they are left on the roof though .... Lol ;-)

  10. you give your work men the best china! wow Tin falcon cups here! lol I must be really hard. If workmen are here and we are at work, I leave the Workmen kettle in the garage with the work men tea and coffee. There is a working fridge out there. But now I feel bad.

    love the owl

  11. I love the miniature Bonne Maman jam pots, and no its not just you buying them. After the jar is empty I fill it with tiny beads, or shirt buttons cut off old shirts! Morrison's sell four jars for a £1 Bonne Maman, Tiptree minatures and honey
    Julie xxxxx

  12. I love BOTH of your owls and, yes, anything in miniature! Grrr to best mugs left outside, they could at least return it.


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