Sunday 30 August 2015

Drinking in the View

Last night we went out for a meal.  

It seemed fitting to end this month long holiday from Lovely Hubby's day job with a treat and a little bit of time away from the old homestead.  After a wonderful meal at Osbornes, followed by a dessert for Lovely Hubby and a coffee for me we crossed over the road, and in the slight chill of the August evening air we sat and drank in the view.

We are lucky to live so close to such a lovely place.  We make the most of it and bring the dogs in at least a couple of times a week.  We walk along the promenade, and even occasionally share a bag of chips.  With dogs you are slightly safer from the seagulls, without any furry friends at your side you stand a very good chance of being dive-bombed and robbed of your tasty treat.

I've met and talked to blog readers on this prom, chatted with pensioners holidaying alone and had far too many doggy inspired conversations to mention.  It's a wonderful, sociable, occasionally busy but always calming place.  To come and drink in the sea air does more for me than any bottle of wine, slice of cake or spa day ever could.

As I said we are so lucky.

Sue xx


  1. I am getting excited about my seaside trip coming soon. A walk along the shore, listening to the gentle lapping of the surf, is bliss.

  2. I've just been up in Devon, but never saw the sea.

  3. The view from the prom is beautiful. It seems like you got a lot accomplished while LH was home! We live 1000Km from the ocean so we don't get to see it very often, it would be wonderful to live as close as you do.

  4. How quickly August has gone by! Glad you had a treat after all the hard work.

  5. We were there last week and in Conwy too. We had such a lovely time and good weather too. I do love North Wales! Many happy memories in that area for me. Glad you had a lovely time together.

  6. We have just spent a lovely week in Llandudno; such a great place with lots to do with our 11 year old. We have most certainly come home for a rest!!

  7. Lovely views. I'm hoping we have the HOT September fortnight we've had the last 2 years. The school holidays have been a bit strange weather wise.

  8. I had my son & his family staying last week, but they never saw the sea! Rain, torrential rain, fog, drizzle, greyness and more rain! Living on Bodmin Moor, I am used to this sort of weather and accept it as part & parcel of life on the Moor, but I hate it when people come here for a well-earned holiday and don't have good weather. My son donned his walking boots and hiked over the Moor, but daughter-in-law is a fair-weather lady.
    Interesting about the Welsh seagulls - here in Cornwall, my poor dog has been dive-bombed by seagulls as he's trotted along in front of me on our walks by the sea; the only way of protecting him was to keep him close at heel.

  9. Hi Sue, I was just going to ask if that was Llandudno when someone beat me to it. I have very very old memories of going to visit an old aunty there and pushing my sister in the sea just as a great wave came in. Well I thought it was hilarious. My brother is in Conwy (along with extended family) and mom is from Betws so all in all I have lovely memories of North Wales - except for the constant rain. And I thought England was bad. But you are making a lovely lovely spot for yourselves and I can only admire you. Well done. Anna


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