Monday, 24 August 2015

It's Here ......

It's here ... in all it's glory ... Lovely Hubby's BIG purchase of the year .... his John Deere Series Two tractor.  It's what I was referring to as his 'green' purchase in THIS post.

It's a big investment in our future and one that is already in use as I type, whizzing around the field and the paddock cutting all the grass and overgrown nettles while he gets the hang of this mini version of what he used to have.

His John Deere 3130, which he renovated and added to while we lived in Oxfordshire, which he sadly had to part with when we left Berkshire as it was just too big for the layout of our land here.

This new one is smaller, more compact and is much more suitable for our smaller patch of land here in North Wales.  It has a grass cutting bed that can be added when we need it, with a collector as you can see in the top picture, as well as the front shovel shown in this one, it also has forks for the front to lift things, and a back box to carry things around the smallholding.  This will really come into it's own when we have pigs again in the future for moving heavy loads of pig food around.

So ... lots of you were right, and Jane jumped in first with her plea for the mystery 'green thing' to be a John Deere tractor   :-)

And yes ..... I'm still happy with my smaller purchase of two jugs!!

Sue xx


  1. Awsome tractor, Sue....and I like your jugs as well.

  2. I bet he's a happy bunny now , whizzing around .

  3. Boys and their toys. Having said that I'd love a go.

  4. Wow, that was a big purchase, very impressive! We have a John Deere and love it, but a much smaller version than that! Xx

  5. My goodness that is a big spend, we took the frugal route and bought used, I hope he gets plenty of use out of it :-)

    1. And we took a different 'frugal route' and scrimped and saved long and hard to buy the equipment we need, and will sell on all that we have bought and used when we eventually 'retire' from our way of life. Each to their own!!

  6. Boys Toys indeed!!! He sure will have a lot of fun! Ann x

  7. Be still my beating heart! That is a thing of great beauty!!
    Jane x

  8. Oh he is a lucky little fella!!

  9. aahhh I bet he feels like the cat that got the cream now riding that :-) Have fun, dee :-)

  10. Big time jealous of this! So jealous I've just included it in a Blog Love post on my blog.


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