Thursday, 6 August 2015

In the Kitchen, and In the Bedroom

On our way back from the CLA Game Fair on Sunday we had a pit stop at Rheged, one of the lovelier places to stop on the motorway, don't worry we weren't totally lost we detoured via Cumbria for a family visit!!  We had a coffee each and shared a flapjack, on the way out we had a quick browse in the farm shop and Lovely Hubby drooled over an artisan loaf.  Knowing there was no bread in the bread bin at home I suggested he bought it, well it's only fair once you've drooled over unwrapped stock  ;-)

He had a slice when we got home, then some more toasted the next day, and then this morning in the breadbin I spotted the last chunk of bread, it was hard enough to use as one of the stones round the gatepost by now but not wanting to waste a loaf that cost us so much, I decided to recycle the last bit into homemade garlicky croutons to go with this lunchtimes homemade Tomato and Pepper soup.

Easy to do, I think my usual recipe is on the 'Recipes' page at the top of the blog.

Simply put torn pieces of bread  in a bowl (or cut if you like neat little cubes, although they don't pick up as much garlicky oil or have so many nice crispy edges) pour over some tasty olive oil, or your favourite oil, and then either crush or finely chop a garlic clove or two, but this instance I just grabbed some of the garlic puree that was in the fridge.

Mix it all together and cover for a while.

When you need them simply put in a hot oven for 10 - 15 minutes or tip into a frying pan and heat up until they are nice and crispy.  Heap in a bowl and add to your soup or salad.

They add a wonderful tasty crunch to any meal.  If you cook them long and slow in the oven to dry them out a bit more, you can keep them in an airtight container for a few days, but we love them hot, slightly soft in the middle and gloriously tasty straight from the oven.

Meanwhile .... up in the bedroom!!  When I was in the bedroom this morning making the bed I decided to get a couple of photos from the bedroom window.  It really is the best place at the moment to see the changes as they happen outside.

The roof framework is now complete, the hardcore has been spread and tampered down in the garage and workshop space, and the block perimeters have been cemented in place.  We are just waiting for the cement lorry to come and discharge a load of concrete to form the floor.

One gatepost is nearly covered in granite ....

... but the best thing of all is this sight.  

Arthur loosening up all the rock hard earth ready for the net tunnel to be properly erected, we've had the skeletal frame there for some time, teasing me with it's promise of things to come.  

First we have to check that we have all the component parts as we are building this from the frame of our old polytunnel, we can then order any missing bits or any extras we need and the tunnel can be assembled, the raised beds can be built and filled with soil and compost ..... and then I will have a whole new safe growing space for more of our own fruit and vegetables.

Sue xx


  1. The croutons sound fab, great way to use up old bread, I've done this before, though bread seldom gets to that stage in this house with hordes of teenage boys! The progress is amazing out side, looking forward to seeing how the fruit does in the shade tunnel :)

  2. It really is coming along nicely. Like you have said before though, so much to do, especially in finding the time for keeping the rabbits out. This time next year...

  3. Always take advantage of a cooperative digger whilst on site!

    Hmm . . . net tunnel . . . you're giving me ideas, I shall watch your developments with interest. Hope it all continues to go well.

  4. You're in Wales..shouldn't you be making leftover bread into 'pobs'?!
    (Don't know how to spell it,but Mum used to live in Wales when she was tiny,and she had this as a bedtime treat.)
    Jane x

  5. Those croutons sound yummy. Not often that we have any bread left in this house, but if we do I'll certainly think back to this post especially as I love to make soup. Everything is coming along a treat. The gate posts look very smart with their outer covering of granite. I bet it's great to think that your building something that will last a very long time to come yet!

  6. Wow, things are coming on apace.

  7. Scrumptious sounding croutons. The projects are looking lovely. Like you though I'd be really excited about that other poly tunnel! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll fill it with :)

  8. My courgettes are throwing off little green sausages like firecrackers at the minute, so I tried one of your nutribullet things for breakfast this morning. A small courgette, a few spinach leaves, an apple, a squishy kiwi, skin and all, a tblsp of sour cream and a quarter cup of pumpkin seeds and cashews. I used the liquidiser and it needed a bit of help, so I added in a splash of orange juice. Was really delicious and so filling I had to have the second half as elevenses. Will def be doing again. Wouldn't want it every day like you do, but will do it several times a week.

  9. You will be able to look our your window each morning and admire all the work you have done and things accomplished.

  10. loved the sound of those croutons!
    i want some!
    the entrance is just wonderful!
    love all the stonework!
    hoping to see it as you get those new beds built and filled
    very much enjoy your posts!

  11. I always pick out the croutons if I have caesar salad out but yours look so tasty !
    Wonderful progress x


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