Sunday, 9 August 2015

And I'm Off ..... The Trelawnyd Flower Show

There's a lot of photos on today post, you might want to make yourself a cup of coffee, or pull up a carrot to nibble!!

Firstly though, thank you for all the comments on yesterday's post, it would seem we are all on the same wavelength.

Now to the Trelawnyd Show ....

We called by on Friday evening with our entries, it would have been too long a day to have got them in first thing Saturday and then hang around for the official opening at one o'clock.   We finally met  the lovely John Gray, from Going Gently, he's the one that persuaded me to enter.  I did need some persuading because although I've been growing properly for the last seven years, I have never entered a competition or even grown to that standard.  I am a 'grow it to eat it' veggie grower and really I don't go out of my way to grow things for their good looks. 

(Click on the link to his blog to see lots more photos from the show, keep going back on 'Older Posts' to see lots of various blog posts showing all the categories of the show.)

Now .. my entries ...

... my potatoes are in the top photo, then my pods of peas, here are my two tomato entries, the red 'Baby Plum' and the yellow 'Sungold' tomatoes.

This was nice to read on Friday night while I was busy displaying everything, with a bit of help from John who supplied me with envelopes and paper to fill in all the details needed, a good swap I thought ... I supplied him with a Scotch Egg .... as you do.

My trug of five vegetables, the first one to arrive and placed in front of some of the blog entries for the novelty vegetable photo competition.

My cucumber .... doesn't it look lonely, within ten minutes though it had a companion :-)

Can you guess which Jam is mine?

My scones, the ones at the back, they were Cranberry Scones.

My 'any vegetable not on the schedule' entry was the Green Pepper at the front.

My beetroots are the sad looking specimens on the right, but we were soon both eclipsed by the arrival of the winning entry.

My hard boiled egg.  The strangest competition entry I have ever encountered.

My little carrots, small but perfectly formed!!

The next photos are all from Saturday afternoon when we went back after the judging.

The basket of vegetables to the right of my little trug, won First prize AND Best in Show, it was lovely.

The winning Novelty Veg Photo entry from John's readers.

My herbs are in the brown jug.

Yay ... I got a Second place for my Sungold tomatoes!!

And another Second for my potatoes ('Swift').

My competition, some very nice spuds!!

Breaking News .... John's cake got Second!!

But his lovely Quiche got First!!

And who's this we spy with a 'Second' next to her !!

So I was really chuffed, my first EVER vegetable show as an entrant and I got two Seconds.  I'm really pleased, now all I have to do is nurture a few more veggies through this week and I can have another go ..... the Llanrwst Country Show here I come!!

Oh, and we got to bring all our entries home ... and most of them have been eaten already :-)

Sue xx


  1. It was a lovely day and one that could only be kept going by people like yourself
    Thank you xxxx

  2. Congratulations Sue. I'm pleased you had anything to enter after all the rabbits nibbling, so well done. I do think your carrots looked very good though!

  3. I have only entered our local show once or twice, mostly I simply forget. Well done for remembering and for some winning entries.

  4. Could the Damson Gin Jam possibly be yours?
    Congrats on your second placed spuds and toms, even though I feel that your potatoes looked better than those that won first prize!
    John's quiche looks lovely, I'm jealous because my pastry making skills are, well, non existent!
    His boiled fruit cake looks very good too, how did he not win first prize?!
    It looks as though a great day was had by all, I would have liked to attend, but we're in the middle of decorating, so really couldn't spare the time! Maybe next year!

  5. Congratulations with the wins on your first show! :-)

  6. Well done, sorry but I cant get enthused by vegetable showing, or even worse flower shows, I grow to eat, some of the shows I have read about get really competitive and nasty for me that spoils it and makes me give it a wide berth. Glad you got to take your produce home :-)

    1. I grow to eat as well, but I see absolutely no harm in having a bit of fun and supporting a good blogging friend by dipping my toes in the 'show' waters.

      The atmosphere was brilliant with no nasty competitiveness whatsoever. It was a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate folk growing and making. You've obviously been reading about the wrong sort of shows!!

  7. Well done you! That's brilliant to win something on your first go :)

  8. Well done on your success Sue and John of course!

  9. Congratulations Sue. Well done.
    I can see that this entering of shows is likely to become addictive - the next thing will be silver cups displayed in the china cabinet !

    1. Thank you. I don't mind winning the little cards, but I really am not aiming for 'silver cup clutter' on the mantlepiece, it's all a bit of fun ;-)

  10. Congrats, I'm not very competitive myself and so long as it tastes good I'm happy. Glad you enjoyed the day.

  11. Congratulations! It looks like it was a lot of fun for entrants and visitors. Wishing you good luck at the next show!

  12. Well done on your wins, great to see these shows continuing :)

  13. Congratulations Sue! This will give you more incentive for the future. I can see we will be having show blogs every weekend!
    Thank you for also showing & telling us what John won, he is obviously a bit shy!?!

    We look forward to seeing & reading about your next show.

  14. Well done! What a good result for your first event. I hope it's encouraged you and hubby to keep going.

  15. I have never seen a farm show like that in the U.S. Very nice job and your potatoes were perfect. Cheryl

  16. What a fantastic result for a first timer. Congratulations.

  17. But what was the judging criteria for the hard boiled egg?!

  18. I think in this instance it's not the winning that is important, but the taking part. It must have been lovely to be amongst a nice bunch of country folk, if they are all like John. It looks like another successful community event, and long may it continue

    1. You've really got it Ilona, it is the taking part, my two Seconds were just a lovely bonus. Everyone was so nice, it really is a lovely village and John is well loved there it was obvious to see, he worked so hard for the show.

  19. Well impressed! Congratulations :o)
    Very best wishes
    Rose H

  20. Such lovely displays...makes my mouth water!


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