Saturday, 15 August 2015

It's All About the Potatoes

I spent some time on Thursday afternoon digging up one of the beds of the 'Estima' potatoes.  We didn't really need them up just yet but I wanted to pick out the best for the show this Saturday in Llanwrst and had my fingers crossed that there would be at least some that were usable.

I was pleased with the 5.5 kg haul from one bed, there's still another bed to be dug up but I'll do that in a couple of weeks, giving the skins time to harden off a bit now all the greenery has been cut off.

In 'old money' 5.5kg is 12 lbs, well according to our scales anyway!!

I laid them all out on a towel on the ground, along with the 'Swift' that I had dug up last week, to dry off a bit and so I could pick and choose between them.  I ended up with four rows of five, then down to three rows of five.  Then I went in the house for something, when I came out there were two rows of five and one of four.  I scratched my head and, thinking I'd miscounted or just gone mad, I found another one to go with the four.

Anyway I chose the ones I wanted bagged them up and put all the others in the 'potato bag' in the cupboard ready for eating. 

When I went out later to go over to Chicken World look what I found in the grass .....

.... a certain little doggy had decided to have a snack while I had gone into the house ... mystery solved.

Oh well, at least I'm not mad .... YET!!

Sue xx


  1. Oh boy, do they look tasty.If I'd been there, I don't think I could have resisted them either.
    Jane x

  2. I love new potatoes, before the skins get hard. I remember my mother creaming some of these for our country supper when they were still very small.

  3. Some good sized spuds there.

  4. This story made me laugh and reminded me of the time our dog ate twelve banana muffins, paper and all. He left absolutely no trace of his presence or even a crumb. I had been out and call my husband when I got back to see if he had come home and taken them for some reason. Nope. It had to have been my innocent, angelic puppy.

  5. Ha! Nearly got me, but I figured it out before you! You're lucky the rascal only nibbled one! Congratulations on a fine haul of prizes at the show! The prize money is a happy extra too, but the cudos ( that can't be the correct spelling, surely!) is the biggie!


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