Saturday, 22 August 2015

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

I was washing the pots the other day and this little cutie caught my attention.  As he was eating the grass and not my Strawberry plants or Rhubarb I didn't run screaming like a banshee from the house!!

" Is that someone coming to get me I hear .....

... perhaps if I duck they won't see me anymore.

Nope ... they're coming out, time to run!! "

This is always the best sight ..... a critter free fruit patch ... although he was lovely!!

Sue xx


  1. Do they not invoke thoughts of rabbit pie?

    1. To Lovely Hubby yes, to me no, I don't eat meat!! :-)

  2. Why do pests have to be so cute?

  3. So sweet, I do wish I had them in my garden...but only for a moment then I remember I like my plants! :)


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