Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Unusual Deliveries, Winds and IVF

I got home the other day to find some parcels waiting for me.  It took me a minute to realise what they were ..... can you guess?

The winds decided to make Lovely Hubby's sheets of wood attack my car the other night, luckily the bodywork on my little Fiat 500 is pretty pliable and it sprung back to shape after being attacked so mercilessly.  Phew ... imagine explaining that one to the insurance company!!

Oh ... and if you're having trouble conceiving nip down to Asda where they have IVF available to buy   ..... in the bedding department of course ;-)

I couldn't resist snapping these duvet covers while we were shopping last week, I wonder which bright spark decided to fold them this way.

Sue xx


  1. Sue you were lucky with your car. We had high winds yesterday too. Your parcels look like guns, very strange shapes....The bedding made me laugh.
    Have a good day. Rosezeeta.

  2. I think the parcels could be broomsticks, do you belong to a coven? Lol
    X x

  3. the bedding made me laugh also. You were very lucky there wasn't damage to your car. No idea what is in your parcels.

  4. The wind did really get up. Our neighbours car was almost written of when a window that had been removed and propped against a fence fell over missing their new car by a fraction. Huge sigh of relief. The parcels are rakes???

  5. Are you going canoeing - they look like paddles! Or perhaps you have got yourself a wind turbine and these are the 4 blades??
    Don't keep us in suspense too long.
    Love the IVF bedding it might just work to trigger a natural pregnancy - a kind of psychological treatment.
    Sorry about the car though but glad it recovered.

  6. Adventure...Live in the Moment? Interesting packaging for sure. I can imagine explaining how a sheet of plywood attacked my car in the middle of the night to an insurance company! Funny, but glad it's okay.

  7. Street lamps for your new driveway?

  8. LOL , IVF , wish that had it years ago when we had it , cheap at £15.00 xxx

  9. Trees in the parcels? Lucky escape with your car, we've had lots of strong winds, thankfully no damage this time.

  10. The correct sized hoops for your polytunnels in the parcels? I hope so, I know you are itching to get in them and start sowing/planting!
    Lucky you with the car too!

  11. Mystery parcels? Easy peasy... they are Lacrosse sticks!
    Jane x

  12. We needed that priced IVF years ago. When it didn't work could I get a refund? Lol


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