Monday, 16 March 2015

Birthday and Building Weekend

Sorry to have been missing for a few days, but they have been a delightfully busy few days.

Here's a couple of the many photos we took of Mum's birthday meal on Saturday night at Osbornes in Llandudno.  For those of you who read John's blog Going Gently ... yes this is the same place he had his wedding reception.  It really is the place to go when you want guaranteed good food, good service and a good time, we love it.

In delightful surroundings we chatted and caught up with family news, there were lots of laughs before, during and after each course.

Our gorgeous lads, Simon and Jason journeyed over to surprise their Gran, both being extremely careful with their birthday phone calls to her to avoid giving the game away that they would be seeing her within hours.  So what she thought would be a quiet foursome for her birthday meal turned into a laughter filled six-some.

We had smuggled a birthday cake in on Friday morning and ordered Champagne to be put on ice ready for the occasion, and Mum was embarrassingly surprised when right after dessert had been served out came a cake glowing with lots of lovely candles for her to blow out.

In other news .....

Simon came with two purposes in mind ... to surprise his beloved Gran and to help Lovely Hubby cover and finish off the polytunnel.  The weather was kind to them, and although it was damp it didn't rain ... and for once there was not a touch of a breeze in the air, unusual on this hillside for sure!!

This is the official 'we've finished the polytunnel' photo ...

... and here's the one we all prefer :-)

As Mum and Graham left for home, the finishing touches were done around the polytunnel.  We set too and wheel-barrowed lots of chippings to cover the mud to create a pathway over the drive, and also in front of the polytunnel doors and along the length of it to the paddock.  

Suky, the Pug will not cross soft mud and since the digger churned up and moved lots of earth during last weeks drainage works,  picking her up to carry her over for the 'round the paddock' walks was getting tiresome and pretty mucky on the way back.  So now we have a pathway of chippings for her to walk over and of course it will also mean the polytunnel paths won't get as muddy this week, as load by load I move over all my growing things which have been stored in the 'chicken shed'.  Plant pots, seed trays, compost and all the other paraphernalia needed to get back into action is being carried over every time I pass. 

We ended Simon's visit with a bonfire to get rid of all the rubbish from the recent work and from out of the sheds, it was a good end to what was a brilliant weekend.

Now after all the planning it's time to get on with other things ... one of which is a big Challenge for me and Jason.

A clue .....

Sue xx


  1. well done on the polytunnel, now you can get growing, looking forward to seeing what you grow :-)

  2. Wait to see growth now! Your challenge looks the same as mine and loads of others, it's hard but it has to be done.

  3. I wonder if the challenge is a diet. That's mine having put on rather a lot recently. The birthday meal looks fun and great to have celebrated with gran. My mother's 80 th is today. She didn't want a do so we took her to lunch on Saturday.
    Have you met John? You must live close by.

  4. Looks like very busy times. I have that exact set of scales and I'm trying to lose weight. Unfortunately or fortunately the batteries have gone funny (need replacing) and every time I step on it says I'm 2 stone 2lbs. Good luck with your challenge!! Sarah

  5. the polytunnel looks good. Good luck with your challenge, it's one I need to do as well.

  6. The lunch looked like good fun! The polytunnel is so exciting too - I'm looking forward to seeing how well things grow in there. I have polytunnel envy!

  7. Lovely photos. And I'm really impressed with the polytunnel - well done x

  8. The polytunnel looks great, you'll get so much done now that it's finished. We got 3" of snow over night and it's -4degrees. No gardening here for a while!

  9. A lovely blog full of celebration. The poly tunnel looks great, nice and tight and you don't want a breeze of any kind when putting the polythene on it! I've done that, being a weight on the side of a polytunnel in the winds, it's not fun! Happy growing in them :)

  10. Perfect timing for the polytunnel :)

  11. What a wonderful surprise for your mum seeing your lovely boys xo

  12. Lovely birthday celebration. Best to your Mum and good luck with the next project.

  13. Let's have a polytunnel opening party!
    Jane x

  14. Many (belated) happy returns to Mum :} The tunnel looks fabulous, love the mesh in the tops of the doors to give you ventilation even when it's closed up.

  15. What a great weekend you all had! So glad at least one of the polytunnels is completed, I can almost hear you fidgeting from over here in Leicestershire!


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