Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Sleepy Hollow and the Mud Free Pathway

It was sleepy hollow here this morning.  Suky claimed a bed to herself .....

... and the Jacks climbed in together.  

Before there is a torrent of 'aww get them their own beds', I should say we do have more than enough beds to go round but they choose to sleep in different variations of 'one in one bed and two in another'.  I never know who I will find where when I come down in the morning.

The only bed that is sacrosanct is Ginger's, which is on top of the chest freezer.  He uses that one when he wants to be away from the dogs for a while.

Yep, were totally soft with our animals, so much so that with the place being a bit of a mud bath after the drainage works, once the polytunnel had been completed the three of us, Simon, Lovely Hubby and me,  moved barrow after barrow full of chippings to cover the mud between the house and the paddock, just so little Suky the Pug, who doesn't like to get her feet muddy ..... wouldn't have to.

Although she usually chooses to 'walk the plank' alongside the polytunnel and avoids the chippings  completely on this stretch.

We're good to them and they are good to us ..... usually ;-)

Sue xx


  1. My cats swap beds all the time, and sleep in other spots, but they never sleep together. Purdy was a stray for her 1st year, and she does not know how to share.

  2. Lovely photos of the sleeping pups :o) We're totally soft with our fur babies too, has to be done :o)

  3. Sue, I need to buy new oval inserts for our dog beds and I love the look of yours. Do you mind telling me where you bought them? Ours get thin so quickly. I'm using a single duvet folded in half in one bed at the moment. I don't want to replace the entire bed. I've made new bases out of son's old school trousers so they are much tougher than the material you get on the bases of new beds.

  4. Our jack Russell Bracken has a bed in the study, one in our bedroom, one in the car and a chair in the lounge he uses if he can get away with it. They give us so much love and companionship why not spoil them a little :)

  5. Might be almost as spoiled as our dogs. When it rains, we have a hard time getting them to go out into the grass.

  6. I spoil mine as much as they will let me...They give much in the way of affection, and sweetness that I don't think life would be the same without them. Yours are all adorable.

  7. Bless little Suky on the plank. Love, love, love dogs. X thank you for being a dog lover too, it always warms my heart. Xxx

  8. Pets should be spoiled! They bring so much love without asking for much in return so why not?! The only think I don't spoil mine with is too much food. I can't imagine my home without pets of some kind.


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