Thursday 26 March 2015

Hills, Holes and Buried Daffs

We have mole hills appearing here, there and everywhere at the moment, not many but just enough to surprise us.  And he likes to get about this little chap, these two appeared the other night in the soil pile, he must have felt as though he was 'reverse mountaineering' if he came from below ground level, this particular soil pile is about four feet tall ;-)

Further along on the doggie walk I thought I would take a photo of our dwarf Daffodils and Tulips.  They are not meant to be dwarf at all .... we just planted them WAY too deep!!

To give you an indication of size, here is my foot, next to an emerging bulb.  The ones with flowers on have reached the dizzy height of about four inches :-)

Here is a Tulip, coming through and already starting to flower ....

... and to give you an indication of size here's my foot again.  

I may be good with veggies but I seem to have a blank-spot when it comes to flowers ;-)

We also have lots, and I really do mean lots of these little holes around the place.  At first I wondered what was causing them .....

... then I saw a cheeky little fellow leave his nut shells behind.

Yes, they are where squirrels have buried their stashes of nuts all over the place.  How they manage to find these little pockets of stored food I have no idea, I ended up opening all the cupboard doors in my kitchen to find a tin of chickpeas the other day and I only put them away a week or so ago.

Clever little squirrels.

Sue xx


  1. Looks like Spring is Spring up for you!
    Love the buds...Enjoy!

  2. Squirrels are great transplanters of flowers...they have their own ideas of landscaping!
    Jane x

  3. Spring is really arriving, and so glad to see those little green shoots. I scraped away some mulch yesterday off some of new plants coming up.

  4. The bit about the squirrels made me giggle, will you be using the molehill soil as potting compost?

  5. At least your tiny tulips won't get battered to death by the wind and rain, they're not tall enough to suffer damage!
    Last year we found lots of oak saplings in our garden, courtesy of our squirrel, so we planted them at the bottom of the field and they're doing really well. I know we won't be around long enough to see them become mighty oaks, but I wasn't about to put them on the compost heap!
    Our regular squirrel is something of a commando, we build him obstacle courses, and so far he's conquered every one, it may take him a couple of hours, but he manages it every time!

  6. I'm fairly sure I planted far more daffodil bulbs then I have flowers, sadly.

  7. squirrels are masters at finding everything I find.

  8. It's nice that you your tulips already coming up!! But I sorry to hear that you have moles, hope they don't do any damage to your garden!! :o)

  9. Lovely sprouts...I hope the moles don't create too much havoc.


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