Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Diggers, Holes and Books

We have a man with his 'big boy toy' digging the huge hole for the drainage rings today.  I don't know how long the job will take ....

... but within minutes of him arriving for work there was a huge hole in what was the driveway to the paddock.  

He is doing a brilliant job, as you can see from the photos his digger only just fits in the gap between the polytunnel frame and the trees we planted last year.  There's not much room for manoeuvre, which shows why our polythene has not been added to the frame yet, no need to put even more pressure on him .... and he's still got the huge concrete rings to lift and drop into place.

And while all that is going on outside the house I am once again attacking my books ...

... for the last time.

This time I'm doing as Marie Kondo suggests and taking all the books off the shelves and then only putting back those that I decide to keep.

Although I am slightly doing it my way,  as to remove ALL the books from ALL the shelves would be a mammoth undertaking and leave the living room looking like a bomb had hit it, so I am working my way through them one shelf at a time.  Even doing it this way makes me realise just how many each shelf actually holds.  All these came off that bottom shelf .... somehow!!

My aim is to have the ones I am keeping fitting nicely on the shelves, with no books horizontal on the tops of others making it all look cramped and messy.

Oh well, better get off the computer and back to the books.

Sue xx


  1. Great title, your almost another step forward, I find it too hard to get rid of books, my fix is to buy another book case.

  2. I would be holding my breath until digger dude had finished!
    Jane x

  3. Once a year I clear my bookshelf that way. Well clear means put them all back but different ones are lying across the top.

  4. Sue, I'm wondering if the project you have going will ever be completed. So fun to watch someone else deal with all the construction.

  5. I found it really hard getting rid of books when we moved.

  6. From Margie in Toronto - I've finished with my clothes - all neatly folded the Marie Kondo way - it's amazing how much space I've saved! Books are next - but - like you I just could not find a spot to put all the books - it's going to have to be case by case. It's difficult but I've already purged a lot over the past year and I think I'm ready to let a few more go - and then clean and reorganize - something I do once a year anyway.


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