Saturday 13 September 2014

Computer Woes

Computer woes here at the moment, sorry for lack of posts.
Normal service will be resumed soon I hope ...... if you see an unidentified flying object ...... it is our main computer flying over the Welsh hills ...... I've almost lost the will to live and will have thrown it out of the window!
I know the photo has nothing to do with this but it's the best of a bad bunch stored on my laptop!!
Have a good weekend folks.
Sue xx


  1. Fully understand you, this age of technology just isn't for me, I'd love to go back to the old ways. We've been experiencing all sorts of problems this week with new carpets etc, no one seems to care any more.

  2. If I see it flying here,I'll know you are really p*ssed off!!!
    Jane x

  3. Good luck with your computer service. So frustrating to not have everything working properly. I love that basket!

  4. How frustrating technology can be. The photo is pretty though and I love the basket :-)

  5. There are many things I can live without, but my computer and a good internet connection are not among them. Hope you get it sorted soon.

  6. Isn`t modern technology great? Only when it works. I can understand your frustration. Hope it gets sorted soon for you.

  7. My blog has decided to stop sending out emails for a new post, can't find out why and it's driving me nuts!!

  8. My lap top will not recognise the memory card from my camera, it is a bit fraught round here.

  9. Nothing wrong with your photo. The basket is quite interesting? First attempt at pottery maybe!?!

    1. The basket is carved out of a single lump of wood ... not done by either of us I hasten to add ;-)


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