Thursday 25 September 2014

Musical Beds

Awww..... little Charley is all alone in Suky's bed.
That's because Mavis who is usually in with her is in Rosy's bed ... and Rosy was fast asleep until I took this picture so for once she doesn't mind sharing.  Usually she enjoys sleeping alone.
Charley couldn't cuddle up to Suky because Suky is Charley's bed ..... the smallest one!!

She doesn't look that happy about it, although I know for a fact she spent most of last night fast asleep in there.
They could of course all fit very happily in the large bed that we bought that has room for ALL of them at once  .... but that would be too easy!
Oh, and Ginger the cat is currently asleep in the dog bed that I left on the table in the conservatory.  I had temporarily removed it from the passenger foot well of the car, where it normally resides for Rosy to snooze in when she comes out and about with me.
You never know where you are going to find them these animals of ours  :-)
Sue xx


  1. Mavis looks very much smaller than Rosy, is that to do with the way they are lying or is Rosy a fairly big Jack Russel?

    1. Rosy is a Jack Russell cross, her Dad was a dog like Benji the dog in a Walt Disney film. She is completely different to Mavis, who is a very light weight Wire Haired Jack Russell and Mavis sleeps curled into a little ball which makes her look even smaller 😊

  2. oh they do sulk so very much dont they?

  3. What cuties, poor Suky looks like she didn't really get that much sleep, Charley is growing fast.

  4. Ours are cats not dogs but we find the same thing with them, always changing sleeping places.

  5. Funny. We have two beds in our big dog kennel for the two little dogs. Then we have a bed outside the kennel, in case somebody gets cantankerous, then a bid in my office in case Polly want to be by me. That is truly musical beds!

  6. Could be worse, they could all be lined up in YOUR bed!! So glad your new life is a success!! Berkshire stays the same as eve!!! XX

  7. Ben carries and drags his bed to where ever he wants it, I have found him draped over the bottom 2 stairs snoring his head off.

  8. We have various sized dog cages around the house for when we leave the dogs. They are left open and accessible when we are at home so the dogs can take themselves off from the hustle of the house and we often find Chumleigh the biggest ( and dopiest!) laying half in and half out of the smallest cage fast asleep! I must take a picture of him sometime.

  9. The word "contrary" entered my head as I read this! Glad they all found somewhere to sleep without an argument!

  10. You have the most adorable bunch of furry kids :o)

  11. so sweet x I play lets who's sleeping on whose beds with the cats in our bedrooms !

  12. How is Mavis now? I think if she was a cat the dear little girl would have lost 2 or 3 of her 9 lives.


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