Monday 15 September 2014

Indiana Jones and the Blackberry Picking Sweet Potato

Every time I pick Blackberries I'm reminded of the Indiana Jones films where invariably the baddie ends up dangling over a hole, on a cliff face or in some other perilous situation that requires both his or her hands to extricate them from it, and without fail they hold on to the treasure and plummet to their sure and certain death.
It's just the same with Blackberry picking .... only the dropped fruit doesn't scream as it vanishes to land with a thud on the soil beyond the fence and just out of safe reach to re-acquire it.  I know now you've think I've totally lost it .... yep, my brain works in strange and wonderful ways remembering everything I've watched, seen or read about and putting it into different contexts.
But next time you're Blackberry picking and you have one purple stained hand full of luscious juicy blackberries, drop them into the basket or bag you are carrying before you reach for that huge juicy specimen that is a full stretch away, that way you will get to keep all your treasures and all your Blackberries will end up in your basket and not lie on the ground waiting hopefully for a little creature to discover it before it rots away.
In other news ..... the No Spend/Low Spend September is going well, we had a couple of days amnesty while we took ourselves on a mini break to Anglesey, but saying that, the only thing we actually spent any money on was food and drink, and the only 'souvenir' we bought back were three matching hooks that we have wanted for the spare bedroom for a while, discovered quite by chance in a lovely little arty crafty shop in Beaumaris. 
The Sweet Potato in the picture was discovered in the cupboard hiding with a couple of it's comrades, I bought them weeks ago and they are only just getting used.  Another reason why I want to stop this over stocking of food!!  And do you know ..... my sweet tooth has gone so much that these are now almost too sweet for me to eat.  I had to salt and pepper it to death to make it edible, I think it's back to normal spuds for me!!
Sue xx


  1. haha I know what you mean about blackberry picking! We went to Beaumaris years ago, I remember it being very pretty

  2. I've never really liked sweet potatoes, for just that reason - too sweet.

    Husband has been blackberrying in the field at the back of our garden....he came back with a plastic box full of lovely big juicy berries and arms/legs covered with scratches and nettle stings. Well, he did go dressed in a short sleeved t-shirt and shorts, daft man lol.

  3. Dear Sue, I love blackberries and would like to find sweet potatoes in my garden!!! What fun!!!
    (Your dogs are so cute!!!)
    Have a happy happy time

  4. Haha, I love the Indiana Jones image... Blackberry picking will never be the same again. I love the idea of a low/no spend month and may well have to do one next month!


  5. Replies
    1. No .... but Lovely Hubby does .... I could borrow it :-)

  6. Indy can help me pick blackberries any time he likes. I want to plan a couple of days in North Wales, a visit to Abakhan and a trip into Anglesey are both overdue. I will be covering up and venturing out on my quest to gather rose hips one afternoon this week. I can see them quite clearly but getting to them is another matter. Suffice it to say that high boots and thorn proof sleeves will be required. I roasted some butternut squash yesterday and it was as sweet as honey, I am going to try making a pumpkin pie with the remainder.

  7. I must say I'm rather fond of sweet potatoes. My blackberry picking has been limited to over the garden fence this year, I really would need help if I dropped any.

  8. Love sweet potatoes, but do like them just with a little butter. My mother used to always fix them with brown sure and butter.

  9. I like them cubed and roasted, yum x

  10. I know what you mean about the fruit picking. You always drop them trying to get one too many in your hands! Same with raspberries with us only we've got so many it doesn't matter if I drop a few.

  11. Sometimes they leap to their death just at the sight of me! Nevertheless I have managed to capture kilos of them!

    I love sweet potato chips roasted. As my real man doesn't like them I buy a large sweet potato every other week, cut off a portion at a time and the rest of the potato stays happy and fresh in the fridge till I need more.

    Isn't food lovely!!

  12. We're still skimping away, I want the wood burner in before winter and a load of wood ordered. We also hope to have a mini break in half term had to go to m&s today to return something, I could have so easily have bought some new clothes. Walked out with nothing.

  13. Blackberry picking! And the reaching for one that is just out of reach, only to have it fall off the branch before you almost nearly get to it, meanwhile getting scratched to pieces by other bits of nearby bramble prickles. Oh the joys!

  14. I never really liked sweet potatoes until I discovered the recipe in Ottolenghi's plenty for roasting them in wedges, dredged in a mix of salt and coriander. The accompanying dip made of creme fraiche, lime and lemongrass (although I've never yet managed to actually have lemongrass around when I'm making it) helps to cut the sweetness, too. Even more so since I rarely have creme fraiche on hand and just end up using yoghurt.
    I find even butternut squash to be a bit too sweet so usually end up cooking that with masses of salt and pepper and loads of garlic - like to mash it all up with feta, too. Hmm, really looking forward to all those winter dishes once the weather finally starts to get a bit cooler.


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