Thursday 11 September 2014

Views and Poses - No Spend Day

The view from the office window has changed dramatically. 
The long coarse grasses that filled the field opposite have been cut, turned and baled over the course  last few dry, sunny days.  It is a flood plain and this particular field is not suitable for grazing even the hardiest of animals on so it is cut once a year, and I think it could be used for animal bedding or something similar.
It's nice to see it looking tidy instead of wild and rough, and I guess cutting it at this time of year means it will have time to grow long enough to be able to soak up all the excess water that runs off the hills around us during Autumn and Winter.
And after struggling yesterday to get the dogs to pose for me, I caught Suky having a quiet moment ....

.... one call of her name and she gave me the loveliest shot.
My gorgeous girl :-)
Sue xx


  1. Love Suky, she does know how to pose.
    Sue I have half a packet of Cucamelon seeds left over from this season, I only need a couple of seeds for myself for next year, would you like the rest, I do have the instructions for growing on the packet, I am happy to post them to you.

  2. Can you see the weather rolling in from that window?
    Where we lived in Scotland we'd see the weather rolling down the mountain.
    Jane x

  3. Lovely views and lovely dog.

    God bless.

  4. Interesting comments on the baled grass. Some places even bale the grass in the ditches rather than just cutting it and letting it lie. Here in Texas, one has to definitely bale anything that grows to dry for animals to eat during the really drought seasons.

  5. What a fantasic view,,, and Suky looks so sweet.

  6. Gorgeous view. Glad Suky rewarded your patience x


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