Tuesday 4 May 2010

What would you like to get in a parcel?

When we arrived home on Saturday we found two parcels in our post box. One rather large and mysterious, (we hadn't ordered anything!) and one whose contents shifted rather strangely.

Driving quickly to the house, we dashed into the kitchen, grabbed the scissors, each opened our respective boxes, and ooh and aahed simultaneously.

Mine contained a gorgeous Treasure Box from Sarah at Landcuckoo.
I had asked her a while ago if she could do me one with a lavender theme, and the lovely lady has been scouring the land for a suitable fabric, when unable to find one she made her own using the most beautiful lavender stencil. And then , to cap it all she gave it me for my birthday, how lovely is that.
She has a lovely website, and when I visit I am often struck by the similarities of our ideas, it's nice when you find someone here in Blogland that is on your wavelength. Not often in this day and age do you find brilliant products AND service, and only here in Blogland do you find such truly generous people. Thank you Sarah for my gorgeous gift, it is to accompany me to Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs from now on as my special (and highly decorative) display box.

Now the contects of Lovely Hubbys' parcel were a different kettle of fish entirely.......worms. A kilo of breeding worms to be exact, the start of his Vermiculture farming business.

Obviously this is a big step forward for us and I should be overjoyed at his lovely box.....but I definitely prefer the contents of mine!!
The worms are now residing, temporarily in the polytunnel in a large plastic crate topped up with compost and little edible goodies that only worms would enjoy, to recover from their little journey through the Royal Mail system, and very happy they are too. As LH said yesterday 'look we have more babies on the farm'.......breeding away they are, I have never seen SO many baby worms.
So, two parcels with very different contents......and both of us VERY happy.
Sue xx


  1. I'd rather have your parcel any day!

  2. You're right Sue, it's not often you find brilliant service and products but in Blogland you do - I've discovered so many fantastic, talented and inspiring people, it's wonderful. Glad your packages made you happy, v lovely indeed (even the worms!), K x

  3. I'm not sure I'd have opened a parcel that shifted strangely... Would've been fun for anyone opening it by mistake!

  4. Hello Sue... I think your wonderful parcel anyday .. So brilliant when these great things happen in Blogland :-) x

  5. What a great package to receive from a new thoughtful friend!!


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