Sunday 2 May 2010

Chickens in trees......

The new girls have settled in well, the lovely little Lavender Pekins are running around chirping away and cuddling up in a huddle every hour or so for a nap, they are only babies after all, just 7 weeks old. It's hard to resist picking them up every time we pass the Eglu, but we are trying.
The Rhode Islanders are running around being bossy, but the older girls are having none of it and the Speckledys are standing their corner and showing that, no, they are the bosses!! It's like chicken wars at times, but they will all sort themselves out in the end.
Last night I went to close up the houses at dusk and there were only 4 of the new girls in their house, two were runnning around outside, so where were the other 6? Up in the trees....that's where!
So, there I was broom in hand moving chickens from branch to henhouse one by one, with rain running down my neck and Lovely Hubby standing at the back door (he had just got out of the bath) laughing his head off. All was going well until the last one, and did that one want to be caught....did she hell!
I followed her, I headed her off, Rosy tried to help but complicated things no end. It took three quarters of an hour in the rapidly fading light with the rain getting heavier and heavier before I finally got her. She did at least has the grace to go calmly and quietly straight to her perch.

And I went to mine, with a nice cold cider in front of a roaring fire watching television for the rest of the evening. (And no LH didn't get a telling off for laughing, because when I finally got in I couldn't stop laughing either, if only I had the photos to show!)

Sue xx


  1. I hadn't thought about hens roosting in trees, but of course I suppose they would do if they can!

  2. Oh Sue! You simply must write a child's book about your chicken family!

  3. Which reminds me - it's dark so I must go and put my girls to bed ;-)

    Rosie x

  4. That was brilliant, cheered me up too. Sorry you got wet but I would have loved to have seen it. Hope your family have all behaved this evening!

  5. What a fun post--The things we do and may be glad that no one doesn't see!! :-))

  6. Lovley lovely pictures of the new girls, the lavender chooks are just adorable!
    Poor you having to re-arrange hens from trees in the rain, I do hope they remember where they are supposed to be tonight!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  7. A hen's brain is 90% determination!

  8. Oh Sue, sounds like you had a fun evening though :0) You deserved that cider! x

  9. nutty girls - Roxy went straight up a tree on her first day here - she flew straight out of the box we brought her home in before we could get her safely settled in the hen house.
    That picture on my blog ..... I might try that after a Cider or two !!

  10. hi,
    i loved post .
    wish there was a picture too.
    Greetings from India

  11. This post made me laugh so much Sue :) We've just got some chickens of our own last weekend and I had a similar saga with Tullulah, our dippiest hen. Love love love your lavender ladies, tempted by them myself now :) Hope your girls get themselves to bed with a bit less fuss tonight :) xxx


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