Tuesday 11 May 2010

Calm and peaceful......

Calm and peaceful is how each day should begin.
As I stepped out with the dogs this morning the sun was battling with the clouds, there was a definite 'nip' in the air and my hands were cold after feeding and watering chickens and pigs.
We stride the fields the dogs and I, each looking for different things.
Rosy is obsessed with pheasants at the moment, eyes glued to the growing crops to look for the tell tale bobbing up and down of the heads of the magnificent boy birds. When one is sighted she leaps joyously through the field to flush him out and make him take to the air in a cacophony of squawks and protests, and happy barking, then she rejoins us, job done, til the next poor victim is spotted and disturbed from his mornings rest.
Sophie is nose down, tail wagging, looking for the 'definitive' stick. The one that feels right, that will fly through the air when presented to Mum. The one she can fetch and carry and lie next to while Mum catches up.....the perfect stick is always there.....somewhere.

Me.......I'm looking for calm, and I usually find it.
First thing in the morning, the fields are deserted, apart from the hum of the motorway three fields away on the horizon, there is no sound. That is there is no sound until you find the calm......then it is all around you. The birds singing their beautiful spring songs, the rustling in the bushes of rabbits hiding from the dogs, the insects buzzing all around.

This I let wash over me, it won't last, it never does. But while it is there I soak it up, restoring me and preparing me for the day ahead.

All too soon we are on our return journey, the dogs trot side by side, I follow. Rounding the last bend to the house, a helicopter flies low overhead, a tractors engine is starting up in the field near our Landlords barn and a delivery truck chuggs up our farm track......the day has begun.

But deep in my soul I still have my calm.
Sue xx


  1. What a lovely, calming, relaxing post Sue :)
    Hope the rest of your day is as calm...
    Love the photos.
    Enjoy yuor day,
    Donna x

  2. Lovely post.
    I enjoyed that immensely, thank you!
    Getting excited over Bettys' expected babies!
    She is a real character.

    Sandie xx

  3. That was just lovely Sue, I was there living the dream K xx

  4. Lovely prose to match lovely photos. This really is a special time of year to be in the countryside.

  5. You really made that picture come alive. the great British countryside. What could be better?

  6. Sigh- just how I love it too. I really can't stand other peoples' intrusive noise !
    Dillon keeps his eye out for pheasants & then - he's off ! ( Yesterday he chased a neighbours' two big fluffy grey cats up the lane- oops ! ) Funny how he lives with three cats & never chases them !

  7. Dear Sue,

    Sorry to have been so rubbish at reading lately... I have just scanned through trying to catch up.

    So is Betty having a litter next week?

    Your hubby's worms look interesting - a friend of mine has just had a similar delivery for her own wormery. I am intrigued. Maybe next year.

    My heart sank when I saw your fabulous new bed - the one with the peas and strawberries and things. Mine does not look like that. Mine looks rather more like the post-chicken bed. Actually no, I'm doing myself down... seeds are beginning to peep through and nothing has actually died yet, so it's all good.

    Love Charlotte

  8. It sounds a fabulous start to the day:-)


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