Wednesday 12 May 2010

Piggy News......

Lulu and Lottie are getting bigger by the day, they are now 12 weeks old and have doubled in size from when we picked them up. They eat three pounds (in weight) of pig nuts each per day with a handful of greens and chopped up fruit. They are obviously loving it. Their favourite foods are apples and plums.
Maud and Martha are as big as Betty now and are in their own enclosure, soon they will be moving into the Paddock to enjoy the summer on the lush grazing that's there, they will also be joined by a surprise guest. They are almost eleven months old now and just about fully grown. They have six pounds of pig nuts each day, plus greens and fruit. Their favourites - bananas (pigs eat the skins too).

My beautiful Betty is enjoying her new larger pen, with it's private ark for her and her babies. With lots of long grass and weeds to chomp her way through, there's no more tussling and jostling at feed times so she can eat at her leisure, and she really does eat more slowly now and savour her food, she has eight pounds of pig nuts a day. Her favourite - avocado pears.

I've had to label the buckets now to save confusion on who gets which amount.
How many bottoms can you spot in this photo? What is it about my camera that makes them all turn their backs even the chickens.
The lovely Lottie, who's party trick is to roll ecstatically on her back while you tickle her tummy. Which is fine now, but will be amazing to watch when she's fully grown (she'll be bigger than Betty then).
Our piggies Official Names Hewellgrange Stonebow 338 - Betty
Offleyhoo Fair Lady 51 - Maud
Offleyhoo Fair Lady 61 - Martha
Burtonfarm Bess 1 - Lulu
Burtonfarm Bess 2 - Lottie

Back tomorrow with chicken news.
Sue xx


  1. Hahahaha great piggy piccys! Betty sure looks fine.
    Have a great day x

  2. Great bottom photos! I bet you are on real countdown to Betty's babies now! I was thinking about your yesterday post about that moment of calm at the start of the day this morning as I was up before the lark to check on my expectant mum and drinking in the calm peaceful world- brrr bit nippy though!
    Have a good day

  3. hi Sue,
    i am in love with you 5 girls.
    handsome of job for you,especially as you are waiting for the arrival of lillt betties.

  4. "I am not a number, I am a ....PIG!" A would be quote from the 'Pigsner' (Prisoner)!
    Sorry, one of my insane thoughts!
    They are all looking well, their bottoms are at least LOL!

    Sandie xx

  5. is mad, you is......!!

    Sue xx

  6. Your pigs look so well-behaved and orderly compared to my rabble ... I suppose there's just too much wild boar in my lot's gene pool ...


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