Thursday 20 May 2010

Discovering New Blogs

One of the best bits of Blogging on a regular basis is discovering new Blogs on your travels.
I 'follow' lots of Blogs, I have a list of good Blogs on my sidebar and nip by and visit lots more when I have time, but sometimes you stumble across a new one, usually through someone else's sidebar. After all if you like reading someones Blog it stands to reason you are on a similar wavelength to them and will enjoy some of what they enjoy. It is always a pleasure to 'dip' into someone elses life as a welcome guest.
Some of my favourites at the moment are to do with self-sufficiency and living 'the Good Life' for obvious reasons. When we dip into these we can tap into a wealth of ideas and tips, we can help solve each others problems and motivate each other.
My bestest Blog at the moment for reading daily, and one I have followed for quite a while now, has to be Rural Idiocy. Max is on a similar journey to me but in Brittany. He has the added pressure of foreign language, a family to support and a need to set himself up for his completely self-sufficient year next year. He is an inspiration. We have both helped each other (I hope) with ideas and suggestions and picked each other up when we've felt down about this life style. Through his sidebar I have tapped into many other lovely Bloggers writing about the same things.
Another very recent discovery has been Rebecca Bakes Cakes, a Blog by a lovely girl baking her way through the year, with a different cake or biscuit recipe each week, can you guess why I like it? This weeks recipe is definitely on the menu!
The picture at the start of this post, is three of the new girls (Rhode Island Red Hybrids) also dipping, into a pig trough, freshly filled with water.
Sometimes it's nice to dip, into cool clear water or into someone else's life, it can clear your head, inspire you, make you a better person, relax you........ or just quench your thirst.......all good!!
Sue xx


  1. I couldn't agree more Sue. Off for a look through those you mention now x

  2. I'm a follower of Rural Idiocy, max's blog, too and enjoy reading about daily life and it's challenges in France.

    Reading blogs by others helped me immensely through the winter and I'm always looking for new and interesting reads, especially on rural living, self sufficiency and all things animal related.


  3. I must follow about 100 blogs, I'm finding new ones everyday. I always think, 'gosh, there are so many amazing people out there'. It's inspiring. Karen x

  4. Got a bit of welling up going on here Sue ... what a big softie I am!

    Having a dream come true is bloody hard work, but made a LOT easier by having a loyal friend here. Not sure what I did to deserve it, but thank you!

  5. Hi Sue
    It's such a pleasure to discover new blogs isn't it? And as our thoughts and inspirations change over time, likewise we're attracted to different blogs.
    It's better than buying a dozen magazines and so much more interesting!
    I love your chickens - they're going to be happy girls at your place :-)
    And thank you for your comment - your flowers sound lovely, pink is such a perfect flower colour.
    Have a good weekend,
    Denise x

  6. I'll have a look at Max's blog. It's always interesting reading about other peoples adventures in foreign parts.

  7. I love discovering new blogs too and have been reading yours for a while now. I have 4 hens and am growing lots of veg in pots and the greenhouse as I haven't got much space in the garden. I love reading your blog and get great inspiration from it. I feel that I too am living the good life but in a very scaled down kind of way!

  8. It's all looking really good at your place Sue - and now I have my (very tiny amateurish) veg patch I am even more in awe of your efforts.

    Still no sign of the piggies yet then.... Exciting though!

    I will put some pigs on my blog soon, in your honour.


  9. Some days , when I have time, I enjoy wandering from blog to blog sampling what each have to offer.
    I try to keep to a main core on my blog reader - purely through lack of time not lack of interest- then every so often have a feast of reading.

    I love blog land, can't understand what took me so long to find it LOL.

  10. I love it when you discover a new blog or they discover yours and you just click. It does of course mean - more time needed for blogging !

  11. Hi Sue, thanks for giving Rebecca Bakes Cakes a mention! I'm new to blog land, so I'm loving discovering new stuff, it's also lovely to find such a supportive bunch of people!
    Rebecca x

  12. I'm just catching up on your blog today, and wanted to add that I also love following YOUR blog! I love reading about your life, your animals and all that happens. I don't like to read about the bad--I'm so sorry about the loss of your precious hens, but you are right, it's sadly part of life. But your blog gives me a glimpse into something that I dream about having one day--And that is chickens, I love them! I hope all is better!!


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