Sunday 30 May 2010

Butch Goes Walkabout

Yesterday, for the the first time Lovely Hubby decided Butch could come out of his enclosure and have a play in the orchard. However, Butch decided he would much rather explore the farm and the surrounding countryside.

For the first time in ages, I had managed to persuade LH to sit down, relax and watch a rugby match on television, of course after being sat down for ten minutes he promptly fell asleep. Next thing we know there is banging at the door and our landlady is standing there saying "did you know your boar is in our barn watching the men fix the tractors?"

Well........... NO we didn't!!

We quickly donned shoes, I grabbed a bucket of pig nuts and LH hitched up the pig trailer. Jill was giving me a lift to the barn, (it's over half a mile away) and who should we bump into on the track, but our landlord and Butch, casually strolling together towards home.

Butch it seems is even more bucket trained than our girls and enjoyed strolling along grabbing a mouthful of pig nuts every few minutes. We got him back to his enclosure with not a step out of place.

A pleasure to handle is a well trained pig. So, thank you Bruce (who we bought Butch from), and also a huge thank you for changing his name, as a baby he was called 'Love Potion'. Now can you imagine LH running through the fields calling that after an escaped pig!!

Sue xx

*All pictures on this post courtsey of Bruce from The Berkshire Pig Company.


  1. Charming story .... this pig has a wonderful 'smile' and personality!

  2. Oh he's handsome! He must have enjoyed his outing and a little time with the men and the tractors!

  3. Oh ! It's like something out of Beatrix Potter ! How sweet

  4. Question is - did he pick up any handy tractor mending hints?
    He looks like a lovely boy and obviously very bright too
    Just been reading back over your posts since moving- so sorry to hear about your hens its always devastating but as you say part of living in the country I guess. I hope the new girls are settled in and laying away for you Jx

  5. You gotta love Butch!! He knows what's good for him. What a great story!

  6. hi ,
    he is real cute pig.
    how are you doing this weekend.
    hey ,what about betty ,how is she doing ,
    are the lil piglets delivered or still awaited.
    God bless her and lil piggies with bounty of good health.
    kind regards

  7. Sue if you get a spare minute could you email me ...I have some hen queries !


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