Wednesday 19 May 2010

Flowering fruits.......

So many of our fruit bushes, trees and plants are flowering now it is looking promising for a fruity summer.......fingers crossed, we even have rhubarb!!
There are FIVE Lavender Pekins in this picture, they are still so small two can easily hide behind the water pot when Mum approaches with the camera. The friendliest of them is Caldwell, the cockerel. He looks after his ladies very well, always being the first to explore new things and to check the house after I've cleaned it before he lets them in,and he's only ten weeks old. (He's the one at the left of the picture with the slightly larger comb.)
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Sue xx


  1. Just found your blog - very nice!
    I have one of those strawberry planters - sadly the plants did not survive the very cold winter so I have bought new and put them in a a raised bed this time.
    Busy times in the garden!

  2. It's very exciting when they start to bloom. My strawberries are at this stage too. Looking forward to some treats! Cx

  3. Don't you just love rhubarb this time of year. My partner's mother called it a 'spring tonic'. The plants we have in our garden originally came from my partner's grandfather....over 100 years ago.

  4. Those bantams are so pretty Sue :) They used to be my favourites when we had them when I was little. And their eggs seem so small compared to chickens eggs. I used to love the smallness of them...
    Any news on Betty and her babies yet?


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