Sunday 16 May 2010

Car Booting and Planting

This morning we were up bright and early, and by 7.15am we were at our pitch and selling at the local car boot sale.
The big sellers of the morning were our free range eggs and the cabbages and herbs potted on especially, the few we have come home with will be planted out now in addition to the ones already in the raised beds.
We were also starting on our big de-cluttering drive and the house is starting to look a little clearer, and now I have some space in the boxes I will be sorting out again ready for the next one in two weeks time.
This afternoon will see us finishing off the new pig enclosures in the paddock with electric fencing. Lovely Hubby managed to get the two new arks assembled yesterday, it's amazing how small they look sat in a six and a half acre field, the same ones in the orchard look big!! We will be picking up a new resident for one of them on Friday of next week, another boy for the farm.
Once that is done there is more planting to be done in the polytunnel. Yesterday I managed to get 55 tomato plants potted on, though they are still tiny at the moment. This cold spell has not been good for us gardeners, holding everything back or completely wiping out whole crops in some cases.
This is a bed I planted on Friday, with peas at the back, cauliflowers in the middle and a couple of rows of spring onions at the front. This bed is part of the long one underneath my planting bench, I waste no space in here!
Oh well, that's my coffee drunk so back to work.......
Sue xx


  1. I think the weather's been crazy all over the world this winter and spring, but here's to some warmer weather soon!

  2. Well done, it sounds like you are working hard! We moved to South Oxon (Faringdon) last July from Brighton for a new thrifty life in the country, but not nearly on the scale you have done! Our hope is to move from our tiny rented cottage to renting somewhere with a bit of land where we can move towards more self-sufficiency within the next two years. Will enjoy reading your updates!

  3. Well done you two. If anyone can make a million from a smallholding it's you! Ok, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, then you!

  4. hey Sue,
    congratulations for good car boot sale.
    It seems you really work hard.
    I have been following your blog for few months now and I always had a question inmy mind that even outside the polytunnel why most of the people in your part of the world plant things in raised beds .I mean why not normal ground beds ,here in my place I have never seen so .what are the benifits of raised beds at ground level.
    please tell,when you get time ,
    I love your piggies and hens and throughly enjoy reading your farm house stories.
    please do visit me some time.

  5. the cold snap was no good for anyone ! I STILL haven't planted anything !

  6. I'm holding off buying tomato plants cos of the cold spell - I really wish it would warm up a little.

    Did you make plenty money at the booty and were you naughty and disappear buying from other sellers?


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