Wednesday 13 August 2014

When Chug Meets Chicken

Charley and Caldwell having a face to face meeting today ..... and yes Charley's head is through the netting!!

She can get it out, she can also push herself right through if she decides she wants to, as she has before now.

But today it was just a silent 'hello, who are you, I'm Charley the Chug' kind of conversation.  Caldwell wasn't totally impressed.

She even waved goodbye to him before she came back to the house to eat her tea :-)
Sue xx


  1. Little darling...
    You just have to wonder what goes thru their heads-

  2. How cute is that. My pup is curious Nelly, and she would be doing the same thing. But I'm sure she would wriggle right thru the netting. Interesting that you chicken has a name.

  3. She is gorgeous, but it won't be long before she is too big to get through the netting! I saw a Charley lookalike the other day, but not in a position to ask what exactly he/she was in terms of breed!


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