Wednesday 6 August 2014

Sleepy Doggies

Chatting on the phone the other night I looked to my side and this is the sight I saw.

Two sleepy doggies happy and relaxed snoozing away.  How I resisted tickling those tummies I'll never know :-)

When she's not on the sofa snoozing away she's in one of the beds, she doesn't mind which one and the other dogs and Ginger don't seem to mind either, it's like musical dog beds here, you never know who will be in which one when.  The others do object slightly, however, to the mass of toys she takes to bed with her and refuse to use the bed again until all the offending items are removed.

She met her Uncle Jason for the first time yesterday and he wore her out, no wonder she sleeps so well.  The only thing she has not used since being here is her doggy crate.  We have used this for all pups, preferring them to be behind bars if we are going out anywhere or overnight, but she is such a independent and clean little dog and has motherly Suky looking after her so we have not forced the issue as she was really scared the first couple of times we tried her in it.

Oh well we can pack it away until the next pup arrives!!

Sue xx


  1. Perfect little pic to start my day, snoozing doggies.

    Jean x

  2. So gorgeous! I would have love to have tickled their tummies!

  3. Such sweetness - we are loving your new pup pictures and adventures.

  4. I've only used a crate once and that was with the last pup which was for her own safety as Molly the Collie was not a fan of pups and could not be trusted. She loved it but she would be so excited to see you in the morning she would bounce over crate as well.........dogs really are a story a day aren't they?

    You know because she's the baby she will be sooooo naughty don't you, can't wait lol x

  5. I'm with you, how can you resist tickling those soft tummies?! So cute, thanks for sharing.

  6. Really cute! Makes me want a pup,,, but I live in a flat.

  7. What a lovely pic that top one is, makes you realise just how tiny she still is, bless her :o)

  8. What a difference in size! She is just adorable. Does she have her own bed?

    1. She does, but she prefers to see who looks most comfortable in theirs and joins them. Hers seems to be where she wants to take her favourite toys and chews, it looks like a little toy box :-)

  9. Yes....Aaaah, give them a pat from me!

  10. we have just gotten back from a lovely week in BYC. I have been past your house most days and I have looked out for you but never spotted you or the doggies ( it makes me sound like a stalker !! ) back to reality though now and the weathers not great back home :-(


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