Thursday, 7 August 2014


The tub that contained the potatoes that were doomed from the start, chickens dust-bathing a certain little doggie ...
...mentioning no names
.... burying half eaten rabbits and bones at every opportunity, was then planted up with a whole packet of Radish seeds.  It was a well out of date packet and I thought only half of them would come up, but it's sods law and they virtually ALL did!!  We ate some of the young thinnings in our salads to make room for the rest to grow, but now all the others are ready to be picked at the same time.
I picked the bunch in the photo above, to go in a salad the other day and now I need to lift the rest as I spotted that the leaves are covered in caterpillars .... which will make a tasty snack for the chickens when I pull them up.
pickled radishes by larderlove
I wondered what I would do with all those Radishes, there really are only so many you want in a salad and then I came across this on fellow Blogger Karon's Facebook page.  A link to a recipe on her Larder Love blog.
How timely was that then, guess what I'm making tomorrow :-)
Sue xx


  1. We love home grown radish but lose most of them every year to flea beetle.

  2. The pickled radish sounds interesting, they always seem to come on all at once. keep us updated on your find :-)

  3. I guess you can pickle anything....I can't imagine radishes???

  4. We had mixed success with our radishes, and some grew a bit woody. I think I heard the mister say he had sown some more, here's hoping, I love them.

    Jean x

  5. We've had a great crop of beans from a sad old packet this year... we consider them freebies.
    Jane x

  6. I have the day off work today so i was browsing through blog post over a morning coffee. I read yours and then decided i had better check on my radishes. They are everywhere, so i am going to make your pickled radish today. I have the long Tuscan ones too. Thanks Sue

    What i like about the Larder Love recipes is that she does them in small quantities. I dont need a bucket full, just 200 gms.

    1. Done, i did a very linky post, first to you and then to Larder Love. We could keep this going and end up with a pickled radish blog hop. I kept going and included some recipes for cooking the leaves which are super nutritional. Hint for new radish growers - dont leave them too long in the ground as they become bitter.

  7. I hadn't thought of growing radishes, perhaps I will try next year, OH likes them. x

  8. My radishes were all greenery but nothing at the bottom. Still time to sow some more.

  9. planted radishes for the time ever... I can see some red tops showing under the top leaves now, but when topick them? I'm not sure that mine are ready yet...any tips on knowing when they might be ready to pick and eat?

  10. Chooks and dogs, I know that feeling x

  11. Radish pickle sounds lovely. I`ve had a look at Larder Love. I have always used radishes in some stir fry, too. They make a great crunchy addition to it if you just add them for 2 mins before your stir fry is ready.

  12. Sounds like a good use of the radishes although I've never been that big of a fan of them. Maybe pickled they'd win me over?


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